A Life Announcement of Sorts

After almost 3 lovely years at the Sierra Club, I’m saying goodbye. I am pursuing an MBA at the University of Texas starting in the fall.

While composing this in my  head, I realized that most of the content was dedicated to thanking others. It was a tribute to all the people who have supported me, believed in me, and trusted me.   And I’ve realized that whatever the self-made individual is, I am the opposite of that.

I have had loving parents and a loving family since the moment I was born.

I have had wonderful friends who think that I am awesome no matter what.

And perhaps most importantly, I have been welcomed into many different communities – and perhaps the most valuable part of that is the fact that they have trusted me. [Thank you].

This is more of a pledge – I swear, I won’t ever let you down.


2 thoughts on “A Life Announcement of Sorts

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