Movies to Make You Think

Inocente – Totally deserving of the award. Watch it here.

The son of the filmmaker in 5 Broken Cameras.

5 Broken Cameras – Puts you on the ground with Palestinian villagers and will probably really upset you.  What is with people and building walls? The fact that we still deign to operate by “I put my flag here so it is mine” standards just reeks. Available streaming on Netflix.

You still need to go see Beasts of the Southern Wild if you haven’t seen it already. Even if it’s just your personal revenge on The Onion, the best way to support little Q is to go see her movie, which is totally worth seeing even if The Onion thing hadn’t happened. Don’t sit in the front row, though. Some shaky camera work. Showtimes.

Animated Shorts – Always wonderful. Showtimes here. Interestingly enough, they were free on Youtube, until they weren’t. The story from Wired. #lame

Still on my list: The Gatekeepers (interviews with all the former directors of Israel’s equivalent to the FBI), No (about the 88′ referendum in Chile to remove Pinochet. includes hottie Gabriel Garcia Bernal), Invisible War (sexual assault in the military), How to Survive a Plague (height of the AIDs epidemic and peak of homophobia in the 80s). The second two are also available on Netflix.

…also, watch House of Cards on Netflix. Watch it. Watch it right now!

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