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Election day is 3 weeks today and I’ve made my decisions about where to send my ginormous heaps of money.  I’ve already given to Claire McCaskill because Todd Akin and need I say more? And I’ve sent money to Sukhee Kang in Irvine because it’s my hometown and I’d like to dump a birther.

I’d like you (yes, you!) in joining me with the next donations, as they are candidates close to my heart. They’re both in Corpus Christi. I’ve spent the last few years helping folks get organized and fight a proposed coal plant, and they believe, against the odds, that their city can be a wonderful, progressive place. They’re involved. They go to beach cleanups. They recycle. They start farmer’s markets. They try to fight for folks on the fenceline. They have Drinking Liberally parties once a month. They tangle with big developers and special interests week after week.

One Shoreline Plaza and small section of North...

One Shoreline Plaza and small section of North Shoreline Boulevard at night (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And they could use somebody who believed in Corpus Christi, too!

If you’re in a deep blue area, please consider being a fairy godmother to the city of Corpus Christi and supporting good candidates.  Remember – in smaller races, the effect of donations are amplified.

Nelda Martinez

She’s been a city council member in Corpus Christi for a while, and she’s been a darn smart one. I wouldn’t be very interested in getting on her bad side, either, because she’s a tough lady.

Picture by Third Coast Photography AKA the lovely Carrie Robertson

Several years ago, when city council members were evaluating whether or not they wanted to give a water contract to a proposed coal plant, Nelda actually did her homework, her research, and decided that she would not support this project. It wasn’t a knee-jerk reaction. She’s not a radical environmentalist (although she likes her Sierra Club calendar!).  She’s just a committed public servant who puts in the time to research and read.  She’s also a supporter of a very simple plastic bag ban, and an advocate behind the city’s Sustainability Plan. These things sound like no-brainers, but this is Corpus Christi, so her practicality borders on revolutionary. Wink wink.

Corpus Christi is a city that could use somebody like Nelda as mayor – someone with vision, compassion, and diligence.

Rose Meza Harrison

First, about Rose. She is really freaking nice and she really believes in Corpus Christi and the Coastal Bend. I know from some stories told about her that she’s incredibly compassionate and warm (she’s also a grandmother). She’s a dyed-blue Democrat and she was raised among Corpus Christi progressives, so I really don’t have much left to say! 

This is in large part because current Representative Blake Farenthold is, in a word, an arse.  Just look at this (I refuse to put it on my post because it is gross and would taint my blog forever). And look at his Facebook page.  My eyes are literally rolling into the back of my head. He won’t even support a tax credit for wind because, according to him, unless all tax cuts are renewed, no tax cuts should be renewed (think Bush tax cuts…that’s what’s important to him).  And his district is one of the most wind-intensive in the entire country. He doesn’t care about jobs. He cares about ideology. Good. Bye. Sir.

And remember: Re-electing Obama will not be as effective as it could be if we don’t take back the House of Representatives. They will block. They will dodge. They will weave. So we must win- and we are close.

So please be a fairy godmother to Corpus Christi and donate! Let me know if you do and I will shower you with praise! I shall!

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