Three Strikes on Civil Rights

What. The hell. Just happened.

Governor Jerry Brown of California just vetoed:

  • the TRUST Act,  which would have allowed local authorities to free undocumented immigrants from custody if they weren’t being held for a violent crime.

    English: Jerry Brown's official picture as Att...

    English: Jerry Brown’s official picture as Attorney General and as Governor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • the Domestic Worker Bill of Rights: overtime pay, meal breaks and other labor protections for an estimated 200,000 caregivers, nannies and house cleaners in California.
  • a bill that would criminalize not providing shade and water to farmworkers. Brown expressed hesitation at creating a class of criminals – but depriving someone of water and shade is violence of a both physical and mental nature. And the people responsible for it are going to a very special circle of hell.
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