Skip Coffee for A Week – Dump a Birther

The congressional district in California where I grew up has been the home of far-right conservatives for a long time. It is a seat currently held by John Campbell, lunatic birther.  It is a district that once voted over 14% for the founder of the Minutemen, Jim Gilchrist (you know, the freaks who sit on the border with rifles and lawn chairs “protecting” the U.S.A.).

So I’ve been excited to see Sukhee Kang, elected in 2008 to the Mayorship of Irvine, making a real run for it.  He’s a smart guy, an immigrant from South Korea, and deeply committed to education and the condition of children in his community. Read more about the man here.

I just donated $20 to his campaign- the money I would normally spend on coffee- and if you’re from Orange County, an Irvinite, or just someone who is paying attention to what happens in the House, please donate too.

Orange County California: The Majestic Empire

Orange County California: The Majestic Empire (Photo credit: Orange County Archives)

His platforms are sensible, moderate, and you know what, he supports the DREAM Act.  So there’s that: the fact that we could elect an immigrant in favor of immigration reform in a district that has been friendly to xenophobes and racists.  What the heck. Let’s do this.

He’s not the only candidate I’ve donated to…I plan on writing up the rest of my very important endorsements so you too can skip coffee (or margaritas, or whatever) and donate! Everything counts!

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