Childhood Arrivals and Unafraid

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals hit the ground last week, and it’s been lively to say the least.  My Facebook feed has been mostly about these things:

  • DACA is not the DREAM Act, and don’t get it confused. (I said it too)
  • Nonprofit organization charging people a lot of money to get screened and get help filling out the application. If you are using this moment to make money off of undocumented youth, there is a special place in hell for you.
  • Accusations that politicians taking advantage of the situation for their own political gain. I laugh when I read that sentence back to myself, but what the heck, here it is: some of my peeps at DreamActivist are pointing out that an assemblyman and the governor of California are going to pass a bill which will grant driver’s licenses to childhood arrivals. The thing is, if people qualify for DACA, they get a driver’s license anyways. So the bill adds nothing.
  • The sheer amount of people who have been showing up to apply. A part of me has felt like I know of or am Facebook friends with every single undocumented youth in this country (it’s easy to feel that way…just look at my Facebook feed).  But I clearly don’t know everyone in these pictures...thousands and thousands of people, all over the country.   It means there are thousands and thousands of stories waiting to be told.  Perhaps with work permits and a little more security, people will have a little more confidence in getting involved and helping organize their communities.

Please sign this petition to stop the deportation of a day laborer. Just another guy trying to make a living.

The quippy title is courtesy of Maria Marroquin.


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