Patagonia Sin Represas

A couple years ago, I went to Patagonia with one of my best buds Emilie.  Here is my best picture from a trip to Torres del Paine, plus an awesome one from the Patagonia Sin Represas campaign (which you should follow).  They’ve been successfully organizing against some proposed massive hydroelectric dams.Image

Last one, from Patagonia Sin Represas, of the water running the way it should.


Chile is a geographic island, thanks to the driest desert in the world, the Andes to the East, and the Pacific ocean, so there are very few large mammals, except the sheep and cows on the ranches.  It’s a quiet place, just the wind and the water. Except when Emilie and I came crashing over a climb with pots and pans banging off our backpacks and yelling like loud Americans about how close we were to the glacier. The sole exception to the solitude.


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