ICE Plans Surge in Aurora, Colorado

We’ve obtained information via the Colorado Progressive Coalition and Detention Watch Network that ICE is planning a surge in Aurora, Colorado. From the Colorado Progressive Coalition:

We are alarmed to learn that ICE plans to conduct a “surge” in the greater Aurora area starting February 29th through March 6. They will target suspected undocumented immigrants as they are processed at the Aurora Detention Facility on all levels of arrests. The Aurora Police Department and the Aurora Detention Facility have verified that this “surge” will take place and both Chief Oates and Dr. DeBoyes have signaled that ICE will be conducting enforcement operations.

AURORA, CO - MAY 21:  Undocumented Mexican imm...

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We have also learned that ICE may have seized or obtained an unknown number of non-arrest summons for low-level municipal offenses such as driving without a license and other minor infractions. What is most concerning to us is what appears to be a new tactic of ICE in obtaining and reviewing low-level offenses for immigration enforcement purposes. To the best of our knowledge, this has never been done before in Colorado and raises serious concerns, because individuals who are released on summons generally present minimal risk to the community and may ultimately have their charges dismissed.

3 points of interest:
AURORA, CO - JULY 11:  Undocumented Mexican im...

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1) This is happening in a county with SCOMM (and 287g). It seems like their main focus is finding people whose infractions were so minor, that they were issued summons instead of facing arrest.

2) The police chief had raised concern over how SCOMM picks up victims of crime and survivors of domestic violence (often in Colorado, both parties are taken in by police until the cops can determine who was the aggressor)- and now there is this ICE surge…
3) From what we’ve been able to find out, this is just happening in Aurora over the next week and we haven’t heard from any other parts of the state who are facing the same surge.
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