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From the New American:

On Friday, the Department of Homeland Security informed Governors that the SComm program does not require state ratification and that it would operate in those states with or without approval of the state government. Furthermore, state executives were told that any agreements entered into by DHS with states regarding the scope of the particular state’s participation in the identification and tracking scheme were immediately null and of no legal effect.

Florida detention center, in the news, again:

A site being considered about 30 miles north of Miami would house about 1,800 prisoners, making it one of the nation’s biggest detention centers for illegal immigrants. City officials in the rural town of Southwest Ranches already have committed to building the jail but some local residents are unconvinced it is a good idea.

San Francisco married couple loses immigration battle:

Citing the Defense of Marriage Act, the Obama administration denied immigration benefits to a married gay couple from San Francisco and ordered the expulsion of a man who is the primary caregiver to his AIDS-afflicted spouse.

And finally, Rick Perry’s immigration journey (it includes signing the Texas DREAM Act…and also pinpointing abolishing sanctuary cities as “emergency legislation”:

Perry again emphasized his pride in the state’s Hispanic population, but it was no use — a failed attempt by the governor to crack down on “sanctuary cities” with legislation that would free police officers to question people on their immigration status had poisoned the atmosphere completely. San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, who spoke before the governor, condemned Perry’s bill as “easily the most anti-Latino agenda in more than a generation.”

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