DHS Overrides States Opting out of SComm

That title has a lot of acronyms. Apologies.

But the gist of the matter is this: the Department of Homeland Security is making Secure Communities a mandatory program with its 39 state partners. This means that all the entities that have declared that they’re not interested in Secure Communities are being forced to participate. Let the lawsuits begin…

But this is going on even as Secure Communities is being investigated.

“There is ample evidence that ICE and DHS have gone out of their way to mislead the public about Secure Communities,” writes U.S. District Judge Shira Scheindlin. “In particular, these agencies have failed to acknowledge a shift in policy when it is patently obvious – from public documents and statements – that there has been one.” More here.

We’ll get the dirt on the decision soon enough. Stay tuned.

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2 thoughts on “DHS Overrides States Opting out of SComm

  1. Listen I know I may sound contrarian but in an economy that is listed at about 10% unemployment for native born or naturalized Americans of all stripes and ethnicities, is Immigration reform really feasible? I mean 10% is only the number who are still looking others may have given up all together or put in for early retirement. Also when all are brought in a sweeping reform for all do the employers who benefit of undocumented labor relocate to places to take other undocumented laborers in. Do they go overseas? I’m never saying that such labor exploitation is right. It is not. It is despicable to use fear and intimidation over peoples stay in this countries to coerce them not to act on labor rights which they do have as workers. The issues is very complicated. Those who fought should stay. Certainly reforms to some degree but can the work market absorb it. We have to raise questions on all sides. Same w/ the darker side of Islam. Question everything. Believe me I do, that’s why I’m not of any party and detest the Tea Party and Republicans and don’t care much for Democrats as well. If we lived in a world where labor laws and wages were comparable and work was abundant everyone who choses could come and go as they please. Capitalism is not part of the formula for that world as it stands in its unrestrained and unregulated self righteous form. Real change requires taking down that bull and taming it alot.

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