Coming Out As An Ally

So you’re an ally. And boy, are you stoked about all the immigrant youth coming out of the shadows and declaring their status as undocumented, unafraid, and unapologetic. What’s there for an ally to do? In that spirit, I’ve gathered some of my favorite advice on being a good ally. Please add your own thoughts to the comment section!

1) Follow the lead. One of the best allies I know maintains that the most important thing is to really let dreamers have their voice. Literally. In meetings, at conferences, make a concerted effort to spend the majority of your time listening (if this is a struggle for you, feel free to email me for moral support, as talking is one of my favorite extra-curricular activities in general). Speak only when absolutely necessary, since your job is to help them be heard. The premise of the DREAM Act is to restore agency to young undocumented immigrants, so we should reflect that in our work and make sure they are the agents in their own movement. If you’re down with the cause, you know that this is about empowering a disempowered group. So acknowledge their power, and lend them the support of yours.

2) Yet as you help dreamers be heard, be vocal in your support. In class, in conversations, and especially online- this means discussion boards, message boards, chat rooms, etc. Ever heard of racial battle fatigue? Studies show that many black university students show frustration, disappointment, resentment, helplessness, and hopelessness due to their being defined as “out of place” and “fitting the description” of illegitimate members of university campuses. And it sounds like exactly what it means- they get tired of fighting sometimes. This is no different. If a topic steers towards immigration or towards human rights, speak up. The support is both practical and moral. You never know who may be listening to you speak or reading what you write- a potential ally, or perhaps a dreamer who, encouraged by the support, speaks for herself. Is someone being a nativist punk? You probably can’t shut them down completely, but you can try (all those message boards that require you to register to comment? Create a fake email address to beat the spam). And you can let them know that somebody really, really disagrees and thinks they’re a… you know. Steer away from foul language and all capitals, and you will come off as a sentient human being while the nativist punk will just look like a lunatic. So go ahead, and in the spirit of love and compassion for others- raise hell.

3) Do the obvious stuff, and do it over and over again. If your congressperson is not on board yet with the DREAM Act, let them know you’re less than pleased. Call, email, fax, send a carrier pigeon. Do it a lot. There’s a 19 year old intern listening to voice messages, going through mail, and receiving carrier pigeons, tallying the number of times constituents mention support for the DREAM.

4) Enjoy doing the “dirty” work; flyering, petition drives, clean ups, etc. When people estimate attendance at an event, let your name be among those they automatically assume will attend.

5) Don’t burn out online. Donate your twitter feed, if you’ve got one, to DREAM-related links. ÂUse your Facebook status similarly- the Facebook world is very, very big. It’s so big that it might even include your parents. Ghost-write a message or an email for them, asking their friends to sign petitions. Speaking of which, sign all those petitions and vote for all the DREAM-related causes that come your way. Yes, you’ll get a lot of email, but let’s be real- a cluttered inbox gives you something to do in a boring lecture.

6)Be creative in your help. Transportation issues? In states where drivers’ licenses are a no-go for dreamers, offer to drive. Funding issues? I have a friend who turned his birthday party into a fundraiser for a DREAM student scholarship. Pays to be popular, doesn’t it?

7) Buy a round of beers (or Capri-Suns, whatever) for your fellow activists. Seriously. If all you do is work, the movement will feel exactly like that- work. You’ll forget that the people you’re trying to support are real people. You’ll forget that the people you’re trying to support are your friends. So reconnect with your own commitment, and remember the words that clichés, commercialization, and bad t-shirts just cannot corrupt- that “the true revolutionary is guided by feelings of love…”

This is obviously not a complete guide, so feel free to contribute your own suggestions. Also, enjoy this blog post, an excellent resource for allies of progressive movements everywhere.

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109 thoughts on “Coming Out As An Ally

  1. So what should the people do who don’t want this country swamped by Third World peasant trash like you and your friends?

    • Move to Antarctica and start your own commune! Make sure you pack warm weather clothes, I hear it gets chilly down there this (all) time of year.

      • *^^^ Above comment in response to original comment by nativist xenophobe. Seriously, pack your parka. It’s cold down there.

      • This is my country – the USA. I don’t come from Mexico. And I like Mexico and her citizens, as long as they stay there.

        BTW, I hit “like” accidently! Too funny.

      • BTW, it’s “accidentally” not accidently, and yet you forgot to attach your confederate flag along with your KKK influences. Your south will rise again…just make sure to do it at the South Pole.

      • Not from the South.
        Just a regular American who will keep pressuring my elected officials to do what little they can to stem the tide of filth coming over the Southern border.
        I seem to recall the vote (for once) went for the good guys- I’m still celebrating!!!

      • Yep you are right……That’s such an “American” thing to say. After all you “Americans” buy any bullshit without doing any research and by that I mean factual research. You know, like actually reading and shit like that. So much so that you fail to realized that “America” is actually not a country rather a denotation of a CONTINENT which would include all LATIN America and Canada…. but hey, then again what can we actually expect from arrogant, privileged Americans….so glad you guys aren’t from the United States 🙂

      • Let me guess – you live in America, right? Oh, sorry, I mean the USA.

        Yet another Mexican punk talking trash to civilized people.

        Let me ask you: How does it feel that hundreds of millions of people in this country literally wouldn’t live next door to you, would move if they could, would not school their children with you, and so on? You are practically an animal.

        Too funny.

      • Actually it feels great not having to deal with arrogant Americans whom cannot seem to grasp simple concepts. Frankly, it is too funny that your “arguments” are clearly elementary and without substance. But then again who can blame you, the poor “American” that is being attacked because he or she feels weird around those that are different to him or her. Because it’s easier and it takes very little brain effort to throw around nasty comments than to actually craft a point or at least an attempt at an argument. Then again, you believing that America is your country clearly is an example on how your “Americanized” Educational System has failed you.

        Much Love, Eva!

      • It is really funny when under-educated people like Eva try to pretend they are intelligent. The use of “whom” in the first sentence is just… wow… hilarious.

        Sweetheart, you are either a punk Mexican who needs to leave or part of the Fifth Column trying to undermine my country. Either way, no one gives a damn what you think. What burns you inside is that you know you are trash, that 190 million Americans agree with me, and that your inferior status will plague you for life.

        Are you hot enough to get an American man? No? I’m envisioning a 250-pound mustachio’d daughter of Indian peasants. Mmmmmm.. nice.

        Hey, did that DREAM act ever get passed? Hahahahaha!

      • Wow … apparently you care, since you did answer and basically proved my point. What does an “American” do when she/he cannot form an argument…. (take your time AmericanUnlikeYou, its not a trick question)….I’ll help you, we do not want you to get hurt. An American regresses to 5th Grade when the worst he/she can do is attempt to insult others with things such as “Are you hot enough to get an American man” ……


        And your right, the DREAM Act has not pass, YET. And when it does, I’ll visit you in America and maybe we can sit around and gossip while we braid each others hair and talk about mundane things that concerns your pretty brain.

        Stay American, NEVER change. Without you the world would be very bleak


      • Why do you say that? Think it’s going to dissuade me or the hundred million Americans who agree with me?

        Elsewhere these so-called “Dreamers” are admitting that they believe the US should have open borders. I appreciate their candor in wanting the US destroyed; what I don’t understand is why any US citizen would go along with it.

      • What do you have against peasants, anyway? Where do you think the food you eat comes from? Do you think it grows on the Walmart shelves where you buy it? Or maybe you just live off of your own fetid bile.

        If I were you, I’d be a lot nicer to the immigrants, seeing as how they are taking over and all. FIFTH COLUMN IS GOING TO GET YOU!!! BOOO! Our agenda of cultural domination is as follows:

        1. You will be forced to hear people speaking other languages. You will be presented with the opportunity to learn said other languages, but failure to do so WILL result in us talking about you behind your back.
        2. You will eat pho and YOU WILL LIKE IT.
        3. You will learn to dance WITH the beat. No, nodding your head up and down is not in and of itself “dancing.”
        4. You will be mandated to wear bright colors at least once a week. No, your magenta g-string doesn’t count, unless you wear it on the outside. Then it counts.
        5. You will drink Corona.
        6. You will learn the rules of soccer.
        7. You will have to compete based on merit, not privilege. Your boss will likely be a brown person.
        8. You WILL do yoga. Yoga is a sport done mostly by stressed-out white people*, so we think it will be good for you. But you’ll have to stay in the back of the room, cause no one wants to see your downward dog. Especially not on the days when you wear your g-string on the outside.
        9. You will be forced to coexist peacefully with people of other faiths. That includes Islam.
        10. Your children or grandchildren will intermarry with the children of our occupation forces, and give birth to beautiful, brown, pho-eating, yoga-doing, rhythm-having, HAPPY bilingual children. At that point, our agenda of domination will be complete.

        We’re your WORST NIGHTMARE.

        *(like me)

      • Too funny.

        I already love soccer (played it all the way through college), I think yoga sucks (but I do like yogurt), and none of my children will ever be desperate enough to intermarry with illegal trash.

        Interesting last point, actually. You want to see the white ethnicity subsumed and somehow we Americans are the fascist genociders? Folks, take a look at what they really think.

        And the only nightmare happening here is for you: the DREAM act failed! Hahahaha!

      • Interracial marriage is not the same as genocide, so let’s be clear about that. DREAMers don’t support violence of any kind against anyone, even racist idiots. We know that Darwin will take care of you sooner or later, and we just hope you don’t take all of us down with you.

      • BTW, that’s cool that you like soccer. At least we have SOMETHING common. 🙂 I mean, do like yogurt, too, but it’s not really my favorite or anything.

      • I bet that you say and spell ‘nuclear” “nu-cu-lar”. Kidding aside, its quite sad to see small people like yourself think that misspelled insults and racial slurs are going to somehow make turn around and quit the struggle. You wouldn’t last a DAY in this world.

    • I feel sorry for anyone who is so blind as to think that Flavia or any of her DREAMer friends are “trash”. The United States that my family has fought for and died for welcomes these young people and the richness of their faith in our nation.

      Flavia and her friends are standing for dignity. They are not asking for it. They claim it as a basic human right. Dignity is a grace–a gift freely distributed by God. As long as DREAMers are standing for that grace, they are doing God’s work. It is an honor to stand with them.

      I understand fully that this is not a Christian nation, but many of here do live under the paired commands that we welcome the stranger and that we treat our neighbors as ourselves.

      Finally, thank you for acknowledging that your form of “American”ness is not like mine. My country is inclusive, and rooted in a place of promise. I hope it is the place that Flavia and her friends can dream into existence.

      They have my vote, and I ALWAYS vote.

      • Your country is being overrun, dipshit. If you had kids in school you’d know that.

        Otherwise, you are voting to empower the enemies of normal Americans. Let’s see where that leads.

      • Oh AmericanUnlikeYou, all the immigrant latinos, Asians, and Africans in America, tipping the demographics and becoming a majority…I bet all the scary minorities keep you up at night.

        I’d like to invite you to one of the many, many events organized by immigrant youth, and then you can tell them to their faces that they’re peasant trash, instead of behind the anonymity of your computer. You won’t even use your name on this comment board. Are you braver in person?

        p.s. I’m a taxpaying, voting citizen, dipshit.

      • It’s only the latinos who are changing our country and forcing us to speak spanish now just to get a simple factory job in many areas. How rude and arrogant! Our Africans and Asians never did this because they have respect and learned english like all our other immigrats. I never left my Country so don’t make me speak your language!!!! I also don’t see other cultures demanding their ‘rights’ while illegal like the latinos.

      • Translated from low rent Spanish:

        “You talk a lot .. better shut up because you can not know anything about this issue.”

        Well spoken, Maria. Those of us experiencing this massive invasion of Third Worlders should have no say. This is your country now and you’ll ruin it – sorry, I meant run it – the way you want to.

        Right? Say it en ingles, babycakes, we know what you mean anyway.

      • Time to take those Spanish lessons! But you’re absolutely right, dreamers are so amazingly smart and talented that they’ll definitely be in positions of power in a few years. Just wait and see, it’ll be beautiful.

      • Your confidence is high now but will be shattered before that happens. Oh and you do know that many latinos/hispanics that are legal are against illegal immigration. Right? Imagine that!

      • Yep, those self-esteem classes are really helping the low-normal minorities in this country.

        And the “dreamers” you refer to? Deported.


      • Yay another bill coming up that will make English the primary language of the U.S.A.
        People are pissed and will keep fighting until this is passed. No Untited States citizen should be forced to speak a foreign language in their own country just because one culture doesn’t have the respect to learn it!!

      • Flavia,

        Yes, it does worry me that the country is being overrun by Third World garbage. It worries all Americans. You’re a member of the Fifth Column.

        As for bravery, why should I require bravery to simply live in my own country? Always, with you trash, there is the threat of violence. Civilized people do find ways to deal with you, though, not to worry 🙂

      • Isn’t it typical of xenophobes to skip rational dialogue or debate and sink right to the insults. Must be a direct correlation to IQ. Keep it up dood, you are rapidly building a case why we desperately need immigrants to improve the gene pool, by putting yourself out as “average American”.

      • I’d put good money on a bet that my SAT scores were higher than those of Michelle Obama.

        As for IQ, I’m reasonably satisfied that mine is at least respectable compared to the echo chamber of open border supporters in here.

        And I am of course of immigrant stock myself! I’m just not illegal, low-normal, Spanish-speaking peasant trash.

      • You are also a spoiled Rich Girl, a daughter of privilege who is rewarding the country that took her in by taking sides against her.

        You are trash.

      • Standing for dignity? While taking the dignity away from legal citizens? Nice! Taking jobs away while millions of our legal citizens are un-employed and trying to feed their families. I’m sure God thinks that’s just fine huh? Push aside the people who are here legally just to get what they want.

      • It must be very scary to live in a shrinking world, Storm.

        My premise is that dignity is a grace. It is freely given. That means the only way we can lose it is to refuse to accept it. Interestingly, though, one way we can refuse to accept it is to deny it in others. In that way, I suppose, others can “take” my dignity. But it really is my choice.

        In my faith it is a blasphemy to presume to know the mind of God, but I do have guidance. The Pentateuch comprises the five books of the Bible shared by Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In those books, the most frequent command is that there is only One True God. The second most frequent lesson is to welcome the stranger. Those “strangers” comes in many forms, including in forms that frighten the person who is to welcome them. At the end of Genesis, Joseph even welcomed strangers who had sold him into slavery, but he recognized them as his brothers.

        So I don’t know the mind of God, but I do think I am clearly commanded to welcome the stranger, and to love my neighbor as myself.

        You are free to accept whatever graces you feel ennoble you and your life, but those are essential to me.

      • Americans have always welcomed strangers/immigrants into our lives. We have laws and people come here through proper channels with great respect, unlike illegal immigrants who shove others aside who are coming through the proper chanels so they can cut to the head of the line. You must feel that you are above them somehow.

  2. Good stuff, I try to do #2 at work whenever possible at work, but work oilfield so its a tough crowd but the ones I reveal my past as an ex-undocumented student claim to see things different after the revelation or maybe they just tell me that since I’m their boss. Either way I spread the message and educate when possible, purposely carrying my DREAM Act button my backpack to work and any other biz event just to be asked about it what’s not so easy is “coming out” and only do when I feel it’d either make a difference or let them know to to watch their anti-immigrant comments around me. Coming out was easier when undocumented, in my industry it can deter co-workers from giving merit to my work due to my past

    #3 and #5 are always on the to do list when I get the notice actions, tweets or fb notices #4 is a bit hard with a family and work. Meant to do it more but was diverted due to recent entrepreneurial ops that suddenly popped up, someone has to create jobs right? Its something new, something exciting, something that I could only really experience in America.

    Did #6 in 2009 along with my pregnant wife at the time helping Texas drive 24 hrs to DC, most rewarding experience ever, even for my wife. FYI anti-immigrants, the baby is not an anchor baby, my wife is a citizen and I became a citizen months before he was born. Suck it!

    Always down for #7, conversing with DREAMers and just being around DREAMer’s drive for success keeps me motivated to excel professionally, to not make us look bad. Being on the other side of the wall I see why many are scared, DREAMer’s motivation is scary. I have half the drive of most of the ones I’ve met and I have twice the motivation of many of my American colleagues, there is very little competition for DREAMers once the DREAM Act passes and that’s what scares Americans, they want to prevent true competition and thus revert to isolationism, innovations worst enemy.

    End Note, more of us ex-DREAMers need to come out and help the cause, I was part of the first graduating class of the TEXAS DREAM Act; there has to be many out there, we’re prototypes of a 21st century lean mean machine America could have but opts not to. Keep up the good work, the movement was nothing like this when I was undocumented: so organized, interactive and motivating.

    • How revealing. First you pretend that people who think the US is entitled to sovereignty over its borders are “anti-immigrant”. Wrong, asshole. We are anti-ILLEGAL immigrant. There is a difference and you know it. That’s why you try to conflate the two.

      Second, how revealing that your penultimate paragraph refers to Americans as “them” and “they.” Didn’t you just get done saying you were one of us? Obviously you think of Americans as “other” and “the enemy”. Don’t worry, we already knew that when you march with the Mexican flag and pledge allegiance to La Raza.

      Tens of millions of Americans – if not more – know what you are up to. The defeat of the DREAM act (how sweet was that!!!) proves it. And we’ll keep on fighting you, muchacho.

      • If you’re only “anti-illegal” and not “anti-immigrant” why were you so against immigrants who are trying to come to the country legally and calling them the rest of “the spanish-speaking trash”?

      • Hi Jen,

        This site is dedicated to the so-called DREAM act, which seeks to make US citizens out of millions of illegal aliens. I – and most Americans – are utterly opposed to this.

        Promoters of this act are fundamentally opposed to American sovereignty; scratch the surface and you’ll see that. I don’t like to see my country swamped by millions of Third World, non-English speaking peasants. I call them “trash” to articulate my dislike for them; discount it as hyberbole if you like, however as far I can see they do have a trashy and degenerate culture.

        Legal immigrants are of course welcome to the party ;).

      • Hi,

        I understand your anger towards illegals. I don’t agree with it either, but you can’t generalize the entire immigrant population. There are always exceptions. Can you give me examples as to why you say they are “trashy and degenerate”? Also, the site is dedicated to the DREAM act, but it sometimes includes stories of people who aren’t trying to get legalized under that act. Like the story about Mayra, she is not even an illegal in the country anymore. She is trying to become legal through the same process as everyone else. You don’t even know her and you spoke pretty badly about her and were very rude to her fiance. He did get a little defensive and there were hurtful words on both sides, but can you blame him for getting that way? I don’t know you so I can’t say that you’re a racist person, but your choice of words when refering to the immigrant population (legal or illegaly) do seem to suggest that. Like I said in the beginning I understand your anger towards illegal immigration, but there are ways to voice your opinion and feelings without being hurtful or attacking people.


      • Jen – I dare say you do NOT understand my anger towards illegals. And I would never be this rude in person; but on the internet, one must makes one’s point strongly in order to make it at all.

        And I don’t care that there are hurtful words on both sides. Bring it on. Call me a racist if you like – won’t bother me. The reality is that:

        1) Immigration != illegal immigration.
        2) You people do not believe the US should have sovereignty over its own borders and population.
        3) If you are legal and are part of #2, why should you be considered anything but a Fifth Column for Mexico within our own borders?

        Forget about sparing my feelings and tell me where any of this is wrong.

      • Of course, you are in all your rights to feel anger. I completely understand. What I don’t understand is the having to be rude part. You can be firm and let them know your position without insults. Maybe it might even lead to a more civil debate about things, as opposed to attacks coming from both ends.

        I wont call you a racist. Being against illegal immigration doesn’t make you a racist, and that is all I know about you. You call them “trash” which could be considered racist, but you said that you simply say that to show your dislike.

        I’m not understanding your #1 argument. Are you saying that all immigration is illegal?

        #2 How do you know that they don’t believe that country should have control over their borders and population? I’ve spoken to a few people and they have said that they do want the borders secured because they don’t want to live in an unsafe and unsecure country. Wouldn’t giving them a path to legal residency give the country more control over the population? They would come out of the shadows and the government would know who they are and where they live.

        #3 Whats a fifth column? I had never heard that term before, but I see that you use it a lot.

        And I have a question for you. How would the DREAM act being passed (if that were to ever happen) affect you personally?


      • Jen,

        The “!=” is shorthand for “not equal to.” I am referring to how those who apologize for illegal immigration try to pretend that the debate is about all immigration; it is not. I welcome legal immigrants to the US. I think the illegals should leave.

        Point #2 is the reality of this whole movement. The whole movement is based on the idea that any Mexican who wants to should be able to live and work freely in the US; that the US, uniquely, should not control its border or citizenship. Think the DREAM act through and you’ll see this is the case.

        The “Fifth Column” is a historical reference to enemies that live within the city’s gates (“Four columns advance against the city from every direction, and a Fifth Column resides within the city.”) Flavia and her co-conspirators are undermining the USA from the inside.

        Hope that’s clear. Any other questions?

      • Oh ok, thanks for clearing that up for me. I guess I’m going to have to do more research on the DREAM Act because it never seemed like that was one of their goals. It just seemed like it would only benefit the undocumented immigrants who were brought as children, and my understanding of it was that to qualify they would have to have been in the country before that age of 16, be currently under the age of 30, and have resided in the US for 5 consecutive year at the time that the law passes (if it were to pass). I’ll look into it more though.

        Thanks, I hope you have a nice night.

      • Jen, the point of the DREAM act is that once you’re here, you can stay. There would be no reason not have another DREAM act in five years, then another, and another… the point is that it would never end.

        Read the discussions elsewhere on this very site and you’ll see that the so-called “Dreamers” believe in open borders, i.e. any Mexican should be able to live in the US. What can that be called for any American but treason?

  3. You’re anti-real-competition period. You’ve been accustomed to the privilege of 20th century industrial capitalism and isolationism driven secured entitlements and fear an America where you finally have to compete and really earn your pay. Welcome to 21st century capitalism. Spare the thesaurus, I’m an engineer, fancy words, like Shania said, that don’t impress me much.

    FYI, I’m not a La Raza kind of guy, don’t even own a Mexican Flag, soccer jersey or anything of the sort; all I own is a Mexico t-shirt from Target but I do own 3 Brazil jerseys that I bought when I worked dthere and two Brazil T-shirts from Target that I bought for the world cup so I guess my allegiance is to Brazil don’t you think?

    What exactly am I up to? Besides pursuing happiness via the all mighty dollar there is really not much I’m up to lately. Instead of spreading hate you should do the same and help this economy out instead of sitting behind a computer complaining about life and not really pursuing one of your own.

  4. You’re anti-real-competition period. You’ve been accustomed to the privilege of 20th century industrial capitalism and isolationism driven secured entitlements and fear an America where you finally have to compete and really earn your pay. Welcome to 21st century capitalism. Spare the thesaurus, I’m an engineer, fancy words, like Shania said, that don’t impress me much.

    FYI, I’m not a La Raza kind of guy, don’t even own a Mexican Flag, soccer jersey or anything of the sort; all I own is a Mexico t-shirt from Target but I do own 3 Brazil jerseys that I bought when I worked dthere and two Brazil T-shirts from Target that I bought for the world cup so I guess my allegiance is to Brazil don’t you think?

    What exactly am I up to? Besides pursuing happiness via the all mighty dollar there is really not much I’m up to lately. Instead of spreading hate you should do the same and help this economy out instead of sitting behind a computer complaining about life and not really pursuing one of your own.

    • Seriously? You think being against illegal immigration makes one a redneck isolationist?

      Wishful thinking, muchacho. If you knew what professionals were saying about you – too damn funny! Been outside the country many times, mostly on business. Way ahead of you in life, I’d say, and likely to stay that way.

      And we’re going to keep fighting for our country for as long as we have to.

      • Never in my statements did is say the word redneck, but if you prefer that label, more power to you. There is no direct correlation between an isolationist and a redneck; I use the term isolationist in terms of someone in fear of competition and opts to find a scapegoat for his problems and incompetencies and instead of improving these he opts for the path of least resistance, handicapping the possible competition. Allow free and open competition and everybody wins period.

        Good that you travel, hope you catch some culture in those trips and good that you’re way ahead of me in life, I’ve got some catching up to do and I love races! I’ve only been legal for just over five years and less than two as a citizen so I think I’m doing ok so far, just ok. As I see it, U.S. citizen should be ahead of me in life, they had a 22 year head start. Keep on fighting, its only that when the fight is tough that you appreciate the fruits of your labor and DREAMers will see these sooner than later and they will appreciate them and work hard to not disappoint their supporters and prove the naysayers wrong.

      • One question for you, Carlos (it will hopefully be more interesting than listening to you babble):

        Should the US have the right to exclude anyone from its territory? Or should any Mexican who wants to be able to live and work here?

        Go ahead, this should be interesting.

      • Anyone who would promote economic growth through competitiveness and positive social outcomes in this country should be given the opportunity to contribute to the American society, thus the DREAM Act. Yes, protect America against harm but depriving DREAM Act students of the opportunity to contribute to this country is not protecting America from harm, its protecting it from positive socioeconomic growth and not all DREAMers are Mexican. Your argument against DREAM Act seems to revolve against a single group of individuals, Mexicans. This in itself shows your complete ignorance of the DREAM Act, its beneficiaries, this site or the leaders of the DREAM Act movement.

      • Perhaps AmericanUnlikeYou mentions mexicans because they are the most prevalent. There are far more of them than than anyone else.

      • There is no fair competition when say a construction company who hires legal citizens is forced to close because another company chooses to hire many illegals and is able to run his company cheaper and win bids for jobs. There is no fair competition in our factores when an illegal will work for less than standard wages and bosses can treat them unfairly when a legal citizen by law would never be treated in such a way. Obviously they will hire the illegal first! That is not competition! This is dishonest and a disgrace. The illegals are taken advantage of and the citizen loses out as well. We have legal citizens who are just as competant if not more, but with dishonest practice, they don’t stand a chance.You want to compete? Don’t cheat! You’d be afraid too if your job was taken away from you by people who lied and cheated to get it and had no business being here and you have a family to feed and care for. Illegals never seem to care about these things, only themselves and that has been proven time and time again. Instead of seeing what they are doing, they would rather call people racist. Instead of seeing the heartache they have caused people, they would rather insult and put us down.

        They care nothing of stepping over others to get what they want, shoving their way to the head of the line. They are filled with selfishness and greed. They don’t care that there are thousands of other immigrants going through the proper channels and doing things the right way. As long as they can get what they want. They ignore our laws as though they don’t even exist. Very disrespectful and ignorant!

      • I agree that the only winner in the situation you’ve presented is the company hiring the people but this example does not apply to DREAM Act students. While one company is complying with the law and the other is exploiting its loopholes at the expense of lost jobs of American citizens and exploitation of the immigrant workers, the only solution would be legalization of this workforce but thats a completely different immigration reform from the DREAM Act; its beneficiaries are a completely different demographic. For both groups however there is no path to legalization, anti immigrant groups tend to always point out to a line but don’t really know that that line entails, its complexity and what it takes to get in line or how easy it can be to be pushed out of it. Many DREAM Act students were in line at one point and due to the irreversible effects of aging they were pushed out, others never had a chance to get in line period. With that in mind, many also confuse the terms “citizenship” with “legal resident”, which is what the line is for, once a legal resident there really is no line for citizenship, just a matter of will and patience.

      • Sadly, it is the fault of the parents for coming here illegally that put kids in the position they are in now. True, only a certain number would be accepted, but we do have laws and reasons for that. No one can expect a Country to change just because a few people want it to change to suit themselves.

      • …. its called democracy and aren’t we trying to change some laws right now i.e birthright citizenship? selective arguments anyone?

      • Change for the better I do indeed believe in. But how is it better that illegals go unchecked in numbers and displace citizens? How is it better that millions of citizens are unemployed while illegals are holding jobs at substandard wages and not treated fairly? How is it better that one culture is forcing all of the USA to be bilingual and speak spanish when we have hundreds of languages spoken here, with english being the one language that ties us all together?

      • Why do Storm and “American” seem to hate American-style capitalism so much? Is it the immigrant workforces strong-arming the fragile companies into hiring their cheap and often exploited labor- pleading for miserable working conditions, starvation wages and no labor protections? Ridiculous. Immigrant labor is willfully chosen by companies. You want to be angry about migrant labor- talk to the company, don’t blame the immigrant.

        If you think that the US has no role at all in driving migration by bringing economic devastation and food insecurity to countries around the globe- you need to broaden your understanding. You could also start by looking at the “lines” for immigrants to get into- and maybe even the history of immigration and which groups were excluded and why….

        As for your “learn English” tirades…. If you’re a monoglot that reviles a monoglot of a different tongue, citing their monoglottism as a defect or inferiority and an affront to your sense of civilization, you are a hypocrite- plain and simple.

      • Obviously companies should be held accountable for hiring illegals and many are. Don’t make it sound as though illegals are stupid and do not know that they are holding a job that belongs to a citizen. That is an insult to their intelligence. Recently hundreds of jobs have been opened because illegals were deported and now citizens are doing those jobs.

        People from all across the U.S.A. have been trying to pass bills that will hold ALL companies accountable, but with some people being for and some people being against this, the problem cannot be solved completely.

        Not once did I say that I agree with our immigration policies that take much time and money and make it so difficult for immigrants to come here. Don’t assume what I think or believe please.

        We have hundreds of languages spoken here in the USA. English is the one language that ties us all together. Is it not? Or do you prefer that all our immigrants come here and be forced to speak english AND spanish, just because one culture refuses to learn? That makes me a hypocrite? That I want all cultures brought together and not keep them seperated, makes me a hypocrite? Most people all across the U.S.A speak english. Never before has the American people had to fight to make english the primary language. Now we have a bill that is coming up that will make it so. All our immigrants learn english. My ancestors came here and learned english. If we would have gone to a spanish speaking country, we would have learned spanish, not demanded that the country speak our language. Our africans, asians, and all other cultures have learned english. Why is this so difficult to understand? Do I call you names because you don’t agree with me? No.

  5. You can yell and scream and protest and demand anything you want. More and more anti-illegal people are joining together than ever before. Enough is enough. The more the pro-illegals do and say, the more they agrivate the anti-illegal people, the harder we’ll fight. More anti illegal bills are coming up because we are sick to death of the antics of the illegals who have no respect for this country and our laws. The only way you’ll get respect and be heard is if you come through the proper channels like any other respecting immigrant.

  6. drive them, fund for them, but stay quiet? we (“allies”) are the reason they are finally getting a voice and being heard and now we have to stay quiet? have they really done much change on their own? press conferences and rallies don’t do anything.

      • I’m curious, what parameters do you utilize to select who is deserving of America’s magnanimity?
        Do you go strictly by provenance? or does race and ethnicity get factored into the algorithm? just wondering what makes xenophobes tick. Oh, and if you have trouble understanding the big words, you can find them in the dictionary =)

      • Obviously they don’t understand laws and borders, or maybe it’s that they just don’t care. It’s like they think the world evolves around them.

      • I think they understand those concepts just fine, they just don’t think that the US has the right to enforce them

        The DREAM act is insidious and dangerous, as are all these La Raza open borders people. US citizens that support them are deeply deluded, and at worst are undermining the US.

        Of course, the great news is that the DREAM act is dead! The good guys do win every now and again.

      • Dense and rude. Surely you can do better than this? People who come here illegally do not deserve anything that America has to offer.

  7. Hey Flavia,
    It’s very encouraging reading your blog about what allies should do!
    It is discerning reading the other comments of certain bloggers. Blogs should be place for respectful debates –sometimes you should agree to disagree but throwing out insults is not necessary.
    I am an ally. I am a US American citizen. But by standards of some on here, I am not because I am a minority!
    I shudder to think whenever Caucasian Americans tell us to go back to where we came from, how about they go back to where THEY came from? White people are not native to this land. Know your history.

    This is all about race, this would not be an issue if there were an influx of Greeks or British immigration. It’s really sad. But they live in a small world that never changes. Even if you go to Europe, you are going to see different people, globalization happens people!!!!!

    Also, on learning English–pa que todos sepan…no hay una lengua oficial al nivel nacional/federal ..English is the lingua franca… but yea…And no one has forced anyone to learn anyones language.

    • You are a member of the Fifth Column, undermining the sovereignty of the US. That won’t be a laughing matter forever. You are essentially a traitor.

    • Don’t worry, there is a bill about making english the official language of the United States of America. The thing is, we never had to fight for it before. We never had to be bilingual to get employed before either in many areas. We have no problems with immigrants only illegal ones. Do we have to repeat this a thousand times before it sinks in? We have legal people of all colors and races who are against ‘illegal’ immigration, not just white people. Remember that people!

    • Oh my, I have Native American ancestory, French and Irish. Where shall I return to? Even indian tribes fought and killed each other over land. We have been the United States of America for a very long time now. Get over it! Either accept our laws or don’t. Blaming the white folk will get you nowhere.

    • Wow I can’t believe you pro-illegal people! You would stand up for an illegal while we have thousands of people coming here through the proper channels???? Just push all those people aside like they don’t matter? We are only supposed to take in so many immigrants and not all one culture. We welcome diversity, not an invasion of just hispanics. As for english being an official language, it will be. Anyone coming here to live is required to learn, understand and speak it. Why are you people so ignorant? My god!

  8. I don’t expect you to quit, Anja. I know exactly what you people are: open borders types who are essentially Mexican supremacists.

    If you are a citizen supporting these people, by the way, you are basically a traitor to US sovereignty, and you are undermining American law and border control.

    And I get along just fine in the world, my little illegal alien friend. I’m only here to take the piss out of you, to remind you that the DREAM act failed and will continue to fail as long as Americans see you for what you are – which we do!

    • Hey, how can I get in contact with you outside of this website? I was trying to send you a private message on here, but that wasnt possible.

    • LOL @ “Mexican Supremacists.” Can that be our new hash tag? I kind of want a t-shirt that says that.

      Aight, I’m gonna deploy my privilege right here: what undermines American law is accusing U.S. citizens of treason for expressing a political opinion, which is the most scrupulously protected and fundamental of our constitutional rights. That’s why even racist morons like you can go on the Internet and post your chicken scratch manifestos, and the government can’t stop you.

      Now, if you want to start prosecuting people for disagreeing with the law and working to change it, THAT, my friend, is unpatriotic. Some countries do that: China, Libya, Zimbabwe–maybe you could go there and test drive that kind of government–but America is tolerant, even of idiots like you and reasoned, educated dissenters like me.

      So go on and use your 1stA rights to show the true colors of the anti-DREAM movement. But, don’t claim to speak for all US citizens.

      • Treason is giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the US. Now, if you wish to destroy the US’s ability to maintain its own border, to control its own sovereignty, to protect its citizens, are you an enemy of the US? I’ll leave that for you to decided.

        But don’t pretend that you can somehow paint those of us (a huge majority, by the way) who think the US has a right to a border and control over who is allowed to live here as some kind of fascist. That empty sloganeering might work on campus – it certainly works in your La Raza circles – but it doesn’t work here.

        In short, fuck off, illegal alien, you have no right to demand anything from us.

      • People like you, are the people who motivate me, and I am pretty sure others do too, to better themselves and prove to all the people who said “You can not reach your dream”. That we can and that we are. You are like those racists who tried to stop the civil right movements and failed (thank goodness) and now we have an African- American President. So to me what’s next? Yup a Hispanic President. It does not matter if you are white, African- American, Asian, Hispanic, Mexican, green, yellow or purple we are all humans and not just humans, humans with individuality. It is truly sad that you think this way sir because if you want it or not we are here to stay and we are impacting America as we speak and I am not sure if you are traumatized of what you have seen or what experienced or maybe you are scarred about how many illegals and the illegals children are accomplishing so many things and so quickly. “No man is an island” Take this as you may but we all need one another. So at end I leave you with this, each time you say something negative, you get a positive response from me, an anger so deep that can move mountains and prove to you and all the others that are not just going to “fuck off” and the DREAM Act will pass.

      • Just to clarify, many of us here are not sayng one word about immigrants of all cultures and color. We are against ILLEGAL immigrants.

        We all need one another? Illegals have displaced millions of people in the workforce. Millions of families are struggling and suffering and trying to feed their families because an illegal is holding a job that they have no right to. We need our laws enforced not people who disregard it. And for the illegals that are on welfare through deceit, stolen identities and false documents, we do not need people like that. There is a list for people to get cheap housing and some of our citizens have to wait years to get it because there are so many illegals taking advantage.

        When you see a citizen turned away from a job he is qualified for and you see an illegal hired instead because he will accept substandard wages, that is a huge problem. Yes it happened where I use to work!!

        The illegals are accomplishing lowering wages, displacing people in the workforce, ignoring laws etc. Not very nice people if you ask me.

      • I understand sir, people always look at my mother because they say “oh look at this Mexican can barely speak english and how the hell did she get hired?” but it’s competition in all honesty, some do get screwed over because illegals do accept lower income but since I think of this way: Why do people choose to live ignorance, if a person is legal why don’t strive to get an education so they wouldn’t haven’t compete with illegals? Competition needs to exist in the world so all people can better themselves. About the citizenship, yes I understand all this too well my mother was targeted with identity theft and it took her 10 years to become a citizen because a illegal immigrant took it so not only white or american people are targeted so is our own people but I’m not fighting for those people, I standing up for those whom were too young to know better but go with their family when they left to America. Standing up for them to be allowed to get educated so in turn can make our community better, because in truth ignorance doesn’t make anything better. Yes we need one another because some illegals take the harsh jobs that others might not want but if America hired all legal people to do farm work or construction, we would be in more debt then we already are, yes I understand some illegals get a better job SOMETIMES when they get lucky or maybe it’s not luck maybe it’s them being a little more street smart because they had to live through more things or maybe because they are truly smarter than the competition.

      • I’m not a man. I am a woman. Yes, there is competition in the world, but we wouldn’t have as much if the illegals were not here. We only take in so many people at a time. We are literally over- run with illegals. Also, with so many jobs out-sourced to other countries and many companies closing, this is no longer the great land of opportunity it used to be. It isn’t fair nor right for any legal citizen to have to compete with someone who is not supposed to be here because they broke the law. And not every human being is born with the same intelligence level. We need our lower skilled jobs.

        I do have sympathy for the kids of illegals and realize it is not their fault. It is not my fault or the fault of any other American citizen either. The USA cannot possibly afford to take in the poor people of the entire world. We have our own people who are poor and hungry here.

        With limited seating in our colleges, how you can you look at a citizen and tell them you don’t care if they get their seat, you will continue to fight for someone else to have it??? How is it ignorant for me to stand up for the child who is a citizen?

        Wrong! They are not smarter! Companies that hire illegals for less can treat an illegal unfairly and pay them whatever he pleases. This is unfair to the illegal and against the law for the company. No illegal has the right to displace an American citizen.

      • Hey Storm,

        I really do sympathize with the limited resources issue. But I see the root of the problem not in immigration, but in the extreme concentration of wealth that has happened over the last 30 years in the United States. Hypothetically speaking, if there were enough seats in colleges for everyone who is qualified, and enough jobs to work at a living wage, would you support legalization for long-term residents who are undocumented?

        Just curious…

      • At one time America was the great land of opportunity. You could be working in one place and quit and get hired somewhere else in a heartbeat. Today, we have a Country that is trillions of dollars in debt., most of our jobs have been outsourced, more companies are closing and we are literally over-run with illegal immigrants displacing the American citizens.

        We already have a way for illegals to become legal. To just ignore the millions of immigrants who come here and follow the laws isn’t fair.

        I spent a lifetime, like most Americans, not saying a word against illegal immigration until I saw the impact on the lives of our citizens. I was shocked. I got to know many personally and was shocked at how they worked the system to get what they want. I was shocked to see a citizen turned away from a job while an illegal was hired instead. I was shocked to learn of our citizens making like two dollars over the poverty limit therefore denied any help with food, housing or medical, while an illegal through their deceit has all their needs met. My own tax dollars are helping to pay for the medical of an illegal while I have none. This is insane.

        To go along with the dream act would only encourage further illegal immigration.

      • Sorry Ms. Storm I did not mean offend you, I’m not sure what state you live in because my state is not over run with illegals. Like I say why do legal people choose to be subjected to be in competition with an illegal immigrant if it does not take very much intelligence to get an education especially if all odds are for you. I’m going to be a college in a few months and I wouldn’t mind to have competition and it would just prove to me that I haven’t worked my rear end as much as illegal students have, and that maybe they do deserve to be there as much as I am. Because it wasn’t their choosing to come here. They would not receive grants from the government so they wouldn’t take money away from all the other legal students, they would just get the right to study here and get citizenship afterwards and help America by giving back. Think about it, illegals are going to be here either way the government can’t make all of them leave so why keep people without education? America wants to be still in global competition by producing the most college graduates in the world by 2020 and with illegal students we can. If they can get education and later on they would pay taxes and increase our economy and even maybe, you never know we might have a great engineer, scientist, doctor, lawyer, chef or astronaut that can impact the world. Einstein was an immigrant, you just never know. I am not calling you ignorant, I’m saying why keep people ignorant if they can have a chance to be educated.
        With outsourcing yes this true sadly but imagine with all the college graduates we may have later on, we wouldn’t have to outsource, because we would have graduate people to take those jobs because they would be qualified.

      • For corporations it is all about the money. It is far cheaper for them to outsource and run in another country. For the corpoartions that remain, it is cheaper for them to hire illegals. We even have college graduates that cannot find jobs in their chosen fields.

        To you it may be easy to get into a college. For some, they are lucky to make it through to the 12th grade. Some people are more intelligent scholastically than others. That’s just how it is.

        The point is that no American citizen should be in competition with someone who shouldn’t be here in the first place. There are too many people and not enough jobs.

        We have limited seatings in college and they belong to legal citizens first. You can’t just push someone aside to get what you want.

        If your State is not over run with illegals, it must be enforcing their immigration laws. With a Country that is trillions of dollars in debt., illegals are costing billions of dollars. There have had to be cut-backs in many areas to make up for the loss. many hospitals have had to close etc. It’s a mess.

    • Indeed I am a citizen, multilingual multicultural well traveled,well read and even better informed. And due to those facts I support Dream Act and the actions of undocumented youth who using the rules and the law of the country that developed their consciousness and educated them are pushing this country towards growth and change.There is more integrity and worth in any of the youth who take risks in order to expose lies and myths about the undocumented than there will ever be in anonymous trolls like you. And let me remind you that Dream act did not fail- it passed the House, and will pass in the Senate next time around. I see YOU, and the small shriveled world in which you cage yourself. such a waste.

      • With limited seatings in college, we don’t need thousands of dreamers taking the seat of an American citizen. Clearly, anyone with a conscience can see that’s wrong.

      • its about competition, about who is best for the available slot- or are we back to advocating a white man is better suited than a woman or a minority for a given position? America- first -only mentality has sunk this country to where it is. And “limited seats in college?” HA. Fallacy. If you want to study you find a way. Any Dreamer can tell you that.

      • We do have foreign students you know. They have proper channels to go through. You don’t want that option. We have proper channels to go through to become a legal citizen. You don’t want that either. You just demand that things be handed to you. It doesn’t work that way. You have a lot more to learn besides college courses kid.

      • Pushing this country toward growth? Hahahahaha! In the number of babies and welfare cases maybe. As for change, only for the worse. We are invaded by illegals who steal identities, use false documents, yeah nice people, great change! Our change is being forced to speak spanish, pressing 1 for english, losing jobs to illegals. Wow what a wonder contribution to America! Lies and myths? You really need to educate yourself on the issue here. Our world is only shriveling because of people who pick and choose which laws they will follow, who are arrogant and place themselves upon a pedestal and ignore their fellow man by taking their livlihood and well being.

      • Guess Storm has been indulging in long, candlelit teabaths. If you want to continue living with your head stuck in the sand, by all means, please yourself. Just don’t think the rest of progressive forward thinking Americans are going to be like minded. Oh yeah, and better check out those census results- BAHAHAH

      • Here’s some census results for you: “More than half of the illegal immigrant families in many states are on welfare — as many as 62 percent in Arizona — and they’re getting the taxpayer-funded benefits through their American-born children, Judicial Watch reports.”

        “Judicial Watch cited an analysis that the Washington-based Center for Immigration Studies did of U.S. Census Bureau data. The study, which looked at eight pubicly funded assistance programs, said the states where immigrant households with children have the highest welfare-use rates following Arizona’s 62 percent are Texas, California, and New York, at 61 percent each, and Pennsylvania, at 59 percent”

        Oh and, have you seen how many anti-illegal bills are popping up? Guess most progressive, forward thinking Americans want what’s best for America and it isn’t what you want.

  9. IF all these Immigrants want to stay in this country, THAN do six years in the military GIVE BACK and stop taking .

  10. People have been trying to explain the importance and neccesity of being legal to you but you keep fighting against them every step of the way.

    “WASHINGTON — Despite appeals from immigration reform advocates and some Congressional Democrats, the Obama administration will not block deportations of young people who grew up in the United States, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said on Friday.”

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