Whose side are you on?

Within the past couple weeks, we’ve been receiving reports that anti-immigrants are hard at work trying to scare immigrant youth from coming out as undocumented. They have spammed Chicago’s Immigrant Youth Justice League’s Facebook event wall. Neo-Nazis have threatened groups in Indiana. Nativist comment boards affiliated with Patriot Action Network, ALIPAC, American Rattlesnake, and Storm Front are talking about all the immigrant youth across the country who dare to say their names and proclaim their status aloud.

And yet, they’ve made these kinds of threats before. They say that they’ll bring trucks to events and “round people up back to Mexico.” They say they’ll “call ICE on the illegals”. And yet…for years…nothing.  Just the deafening cowardice of people who write in all capitals and never come out from behind their computers.

How about this: If they come, we’ll be ready, with peacekeepers and civil rights attorneys on hand. Immigrant youth will stand up and tell their stories, and they’ll give speeches, and we’ll cheer for them, and they’ll be a little nervous but they’ll be happy they did it. Maybe there will be some anti-immigrants nearby, awkwardly holding signs that say “Illegal is illegal”, and waving American flags, and telling people like Yoshinori, Lilliana, Santiago, Rafael, and Juan Miguel that they are second class, criminals, and cockroaches.

And then we’ll ask passersby, “Whose side are you on?”


13 thoughts on “Whose side are you on?

  1. Estoy con los inmigrantes! I am with the immigrants! We are all working class and we must stand together against the threat of the neo-nazis and their punk allies in public office!

    • There are no neo-nazis, only citizens who want their laws enforced. There is a problem if you are illegal and the working class while millions of legal citizens are without jobs and trying to feed their families.

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  3. Trying to scare immigrant youth? That is a bold faced lie. It has nothing to do with immigrants, but rather ‘illegal’ immigrants and you know that. You are clearly against laws and America is a country of laws. You are clearly against anyone who upholds justice and the laws of the United States of America. You want everything handed to you on a silver platter and that is not going to happen. There are many anti-illegal bills coming up and for a good reason.

    • Illegal Europeans built the foundation of this country on illegal immigration, illegal genocide and illegal murder of American Indians, illegal land theft, illegally breaking treaties, etc etc.

      In fact, the group most vocal about enforcing our immigration laws, the so-called Tea Partiers got its name from an event that defied an unjust legal law.

      In 1773, a group of colonists in Boston boarded three English merchant ships and dumped the tea they carried into the harbor, the so-called “Boston Tea Party.”

      This was certainly an illegal act. However, the protest was about opposing a series of laws that the colonists felt were unjust. Furthermore, the colonists had no legal pathway to challenge the laws, as they were denied representation in the English government.

      Another piece of illegal law breaking which we revere today was perpetrate­d by British citizens who openly disobeyed the laws of Parliament and king, refused to pay taxes, and formed an insurgent army in 1776. Ironically­, today’s self-style­d patriots who have taken it upon themselves to protect our borders from the illegal hordes call themselves The Minutemen.

      Throughout U.S. history, the men who made the laws reflected the dominant prejudices of their day, passing laws that became the infrastructure for slavery, Jim Crow segregation and the internment of Japanese citizens during World War II. Haven’t we learned anything from our stupidity and racism.

      • For generations people have been coming here through the proper channels. The illegals have no right of cutting to the front of the line and shoving others aside to get what they want. How arrogant and rude of them.

      • Rude, arrogant, and vulgar are those xenophobes demonizing immigrants because of their ignorance, low self esteem, and fear of others not like them.

        Show me the link that states immigrants got permission from Native Americans to come through the proper channels. Arrogant Europeans made laws to make themselves legal and the Native Americans illegal on their own land. No shame at all! How vulgar.

      • Native Americans fought against each other for land before the Europans ever got here. I myself have native American ancestors so your point is moot. All countries have land that was fought over. All countries have laws. Either you respect those laws or you don’t. My friends come in all shapes, sizes, colors, races and cultures. This has nothing to do with being racist. You are grasping at straws.

  4. Sorting through all the hate, lies, inunendo, and misinformation delibertily regertated in an effort to demonize Hispanic immigrants is dispicable!

    Unless there is a TRUTHFULL degree of balance in the presentati­on of immigrant life, hardships, contributi­ons, risks, viewpoints­, people end up building an impression fed by words like “illegal,” free tuition,” and “handouts.­”

    It sounds great. Let’s get tough on Mexicans who committed misdemeano­rs and hold them up to standards for which we do not hold up Europeans who started illegal immigratio­n.

    As a society we have let a mass mentality stoked by false perception­s shape our thoughts. We see the Pilgrims as nobles, not illegals, but we see kids of people who have committed a misdemeano­r as devils who dont deserve to be educated.

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