Texas DREAMers before the State Affairs Committee

Check out Texas DREAMers and allies testifying before the Texas State Affairs Committee on House Bill 623, which includes language repealing in-state tuition.

Jose Luis Zelaya. student at Texas A & M does his wildcat cheer for the committee before beginning testimony. Nothing gets Texans going like school spirit.

Edilsa Lopez, University of Texas, Austin, economics major.

Jennifer Daniels, University of North Texas.

Ainee Athar, University of Texas, Austin.

Best Moments:

1.) State Representative to Jose Luis (An Aggie): “So, you’re sitting with all those folks wearing orange?”

Jose Luis: “When it comes to justice, we are all united!”

[insert huge applause, laughter]

2.) Him Ranjit: “So, y’all are always talking about how immigrants are taking American jobs, so I’m thinking, one day I’ll take your job and be a state representative.”

Representative Cook: “I would rethink that, it only pays $600 a month.”

Him Ranjit: “I’ll take it.”

[insert more applause, laughter]

3.) Adrian Reyna: “Oh, and by the way, when I say that I’m undocumented, you can translate that as ‘illegal alien.'”

Special shout out to Austin PD Chief, Art Acevedo, and to the Sisters of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio (affiliated with Texas Impact), who stayed late into the night…

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