Laura: “I’m a dreamer, a woman, and I need Planned Parenthood”

Remember Laura Lopez, one of the 21 dreamers who did a sit-in on capitol hill, calling for the DREAM Act?

She’s got a message for you. And let’s not forget that this movement is led mostly by women. Holla.

“Hi all,

Planned Parentood is important to me because I can’t afford health insurance and as an undocumented person I am kept out of Obama’s health care reform. This center is my minimal access to health care that is non-emergency, specifically for pap smears.

Other women in my family, including my mother, use these sevices for mammograms that cost hundreds of dollars for someone without insurance.

What ever may be your stance on reproductive issues, I urge you to consider signing the petition to keep Planned Parenthood, to keep access to general reproductive health care for all genders and gender-non-conforming people and migrants. I’m a woman, a dreamer, and I need Planned Parenthood.


Stand with Laura and women (including migrant women) everywhere, and sign the Planned Parenthood petition.

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3 thoughts on “Laura: “I’m a dreamer, a woman, and I need Planned Parenthood”

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  2. I agree with you. People get carried away by the fact that Planned Parenthood offers abortion which is only about 3% of their services. They forget that crucial services such as family planning and women’s health services are also provided by Planned Parenthood.

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