Sen. Hutchison (TX): I want a DREAM Act Do-Over

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I wish I were kidding.  From the Texas Tribune:

“U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison wants a DREAM Act do-over. Hutchison, who voted against a version of the bill that stalled in the Senate in December, said Tuesday she’d work to pass a version of the bill that protects foreign-born students and members of the military from deportation — but doesn’t provide them with a pathway to citizenship, as did the failed version of the bill.”

From the San Antonio Express:

“To me, it is a clear-cut issue that we should not deport young people who have been educated in our school, who many times have a college education, who we encourage to go to college,” Hutchison said.

Oh, really. OH, REALLY!? If it was so clear cut, maybe you and your staff wouldn’t have cut and run every single time DREAM Act supporters came to visit you at your offices in Texas.

Stay tuned.

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11 thoughts on “Sen. Hutchison (TX): I want a DREAM Act Do-Over

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  3. How would that even solve anything? Even if they’ve been educated here, and are allowed to stay, they don’t have the right to work. They might have a ph.d and be forced to work in a cleaning service, because without a ssn they aren’t going anywhere. So what that they aren’t deported? It’s the same shitty life without rights.

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  5. I think she should just RETIRE and stop playing more politics with the Dream Act. What is her political interest? Does she want to retire with a better picture at the expense of “support for the Dream Act”. I mean does she have amnesia? She voted NO for the Dream Act in the lame-duck session! Voters who support the Dream Act really need to discern her stance here because Sen. Hutchinson is making no sense by saying she wants to have a Dream Act do-over that doesn’t grand students a path to citizenship.

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