Texas Talking Points: Copycat SB1070

Perry Event 2/1/2010
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Ah, Texas. We are so awesome. You can’t out-crazy the crazies…and our Tea Party caucus is committed to outdoing Arizona.

If you’re ready to fire back with some good, tough, talking points…well, let’s get started. I’ll be posting talking points for every different type of bill in a series.

There is bipartisan concern that Arizona-style legislation is wrong for Texas. “I have concerns with portions of the law passed in Arizona and believe it would not be the right direction for Texas.” Governor Rick Perry, Associated Press, 4/29/10.

There would be an immediate and a long-term negative impact on Texas tourism. “Texas should realize the business “pipeline” in Arizona has run dry after it passed its law,” Bill Hammond, Texas Association of Businesses, Texas Tribune, 1/6/11.

Within the first week of the signage of SB1070 in Arizona, 19 meetings were canceled. “These groups represent more than 15,000 room nights and have an economic impact of more than $6 million to the state.” Statement, Arizona Hotel & Lodging Association, 5/3/10.

“At least 40 groups have canceled meetings or conventions in Arizona since Gov. Jan Brewer signed SB1070. It’s definitely not going to be the year of recovery that we had hoped.” Kristen Jarnagin, spokeswoman for AZHLA. CNN, 7/29/10.

This legislation would create a climate of fear and hinder the work of Texas peace officers. “Legislation that would encourage people to have second thoughts about calling 911 or Crime Stoppers, I have a problem with that.” Sheriff Adrian Garcia (Harris County), Fox News Latino, 1/6/11.

This legislation would put an undue, unnecessary burden on local law enforcement. “Police departments are not growing, many of them are shrinking yet the workload has not. So we want … to add an additional workload on officers and take them away from doing what the citizens expect them to do, which is to be in their neighborhood targeting criminals that are burglaring their homes or stealing their car,” Sheriff Richard Wiles (El Paso County), Texas Tribune, 1/6/11.

This legislation does nothing to address border violence. “These issues that are occurring in Juárez have nothing to do with the immigration problem. Those issues are about the drug trade and about cartels fighting each other,” Sheriff Richard Wiles (El Paso County), Texas Tribune, 1/6/11.

And finally, but most importantly, this legislation is inherently discriminatory and violates current Texas laws against racial profiling due to the vague nature of the terms “reasonable suspicion” and “probable cause”.  We are a state with a proud heritage and we refuse to be criminalized based on the color of our skin.

Go, fight, spin.

Got some good talking points? Comment! Or email me at flavia@dreamactivist.org

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