Moving Forward: Join Us

The vote was very close but we just didn’t have the votes to pass the DREAM Act. By a vote of 55-41, the Senate has failed to invoke cloture on the DREAM Act.

If you feel like giving up, you are entitled to doing so.

If not, join us. Get active. We will fight in every city, in every state, how ever long it takes. There are battles everywhere, over access to education, in-state tuition, financial aid, driver’s licenses… the list goes on. We have only just begun.
So join us. We have work to do.

And now, a few words from somebody wiser than myself…

“No statement says all that could be said. No prayer fully expresses our faith. No confession brings perfection. No pastoral visit brings wholeness. No program accomplishes the Church’s mission. No set of goals and objectives includes everything.

This is what we are about: We plant seeds that one day will grow. We water seeds already planted, knowing that they hold future promise. We lay foundations that will need further development. We provide yeast that produces effects beyond our capabilities.

We cannot do everything, and there is a sense of liberation in realizing that. This enables us to do something, and to do it very well. It may be incomplete, but it is a beginning, a step along the way, an opportunity for God’s grace to enter and do the rest. We may never see the end results, but that is the difference between the master builder and the worker. We are workers, not master builders, ministers, not messiahs. We are prophets of a future not our own. Amen.” –Archbishop Oscar Romero

Sincerely yours, until we have won,

Flavia []

p.s. Donate. We are all volunteers.

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65 thoughts on “Moving Forward: Join Us

  1. There will be no more amnesties until the borders have been secured and our immigration laws are being enforced(and even those amnesties will be for small groups of people). The next Congress will be much more focused on the American people instead of special interest groups. Legal immigration needs to be lowered(as we don’t need to artificially grow our population) to replacement levels only and illegal immigration needs to be stopped all together. Today was a promising step towards a future law abiding society that looks out for the citizens of this nation.

    • Actually, we do need to grow our base of taxpayers. There’s this thing called… what is it called… oh yeah, SOCIAL SECURITY. Too many Baby Boomers retiring, not enough workers paying in, and it goes bankrupt and takes everything down with it. So you want to be smug about kicking out all those people you don’t like, or shall we have Social Security? Talk to an economist, or just read one. The GAO actually said passing the DREAM Act would save the government money for at least the first ten years due to increased tax revenues. So… who is it that the Republicans are looking after? Kick-the-immigrant policies don’t create any jobs and they don’t help any citizens. Such policies are helpful in getting votes when you have very little else to offer.

      The other thing you should check out is recent numbers in undocumented immigration. Totally at historic lows–even in Arizona. So how many tax dollars do you want to spend to do… what? Further doom Social Security? Further atrophy our tax base? Such policies–and the money we are spending it–aren’t buying us anything helpful and are destroying thousands of mixed-status families. That comes with additional social costs. Doesn’t seem like much of a help to the American people to me.

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    • Your fight is over. The DREAM Act, which opponents have decried as a “nightmare,” is now likely to languish for years with Republicans taking back control of the House and picking up an additional handful of seats in the Senate next month. So, your fight is so weak like girl girly 🙂 LOL

    • We do not need reform we need patriotic crowds hunting down these criminals …also mexicos jail time is 6 years for being illegal……..go home juan!!!!!!!!!!

  3. DREAM has failed, so I don’t see much choice besides going back to Mexico now. Mexico needs me more than the US needs me. This country is not my country, so I am going to go home now to my own beautiful country and try to make its economy work better. Let’s face it–I like the comfort of the US, but I do not *love* the USA the way I love Mexico.

  4. I am so THRILLED that the DREAM Act failed! Hooray!! Way to go USA and GOP!!! Hey you, the illegal immigrants, GET OUT OF HERE and go back to your country and dig your own yard. We can close the loopholes for the illegal immigrants. That way we can save money. My families, friends, and colleagues will always vote to destroy the DREAM Act forever!

    • Funny how the vote was between 55-41. The vote is still more in favor of the Dream Act. How can you tell us to go back to a country that is not ours. I mean, most of us are raised right here in U.S and know no other home. In fact, you might have friends in high school who was illegal and did not know about it. Do you think your friend should be kicked out from his HOME to a country that is not even his/her.
      If you kick us out of U.S, our home, than you might as well hang the noose around our necks.

    • Amen Brother! Finally, we are starting to get this country back in order. Nothing like sweeping out the trash to brighten up the place a little

  5. The respondent shows exactly why the measure failed. Threatening people when you are asking them for a favor is hardly a good way to encourage getting the favor.
    In fact, quite the opposite. It makes you VERY disliked.

    The entitlement complex is the problem. Illegals (and their children)
    ‘deserve’ NOTHING. Except conviction and deportation.

    They are NOT ‘entitled’ to anything. They are usurpers. Parasites.

    YOU may feel they are heroic, and have endured multiple hardships etc etc etc
    but the reality is quite different. The PARENTS are the ones that have placed the
    children in limbo, NOT the host country. The PARENTS, assumed things would change
    when they wanted them to. That was foolish.

    You can ASK, for help. That is one thing. Charity, and compassion work for you.
    But demanding things change to suit you, that just shows your true nature.
    Your a spoiled malcontent, unable to accept reality. The reality is that you HAVE a country. You just dont like the one you have. That isnt my fault. I have NO obligation
    to you. You cannot impose upon my hospitality at YOUR whim.

    I am sure(for example) Mexico has an army, and institutions of higher education.
    If your true motive were patriotism. You could also move back to the original
    country, and apply for citizenship, legally. You know, like normal, people.

    But nope, you want the world to change to suit YOU. Odd how the world resists that.

    Blame your parents. They are NOT heroes. They should have come here legally.

    And so now what will you all do? You will go sulk, and sponge off the USA.
    and play spoiler, in coming elections. Even if you win that game, it only
    shows what you really are. You will be TOOLS, to power hungry politicians
    who will exploit you for their own agendas. And you will be grateful to let them
    do it. Tools, in the largest sense of the word.

    • Tools for power hungry politicians? This from a nativist shill! This isn’t about hospitality or patriotism – this is about accidents of birth and about justice. These kids, willing to bite bullets and take fire for people like you are more American than you’ll ever be.

      • It’s also about getting these illegal’s families in and adding millions of Democrat voters to the rolls.

        Which. Ain’t. Happening.


        Look, the good guys don’t win all the time. They did today. Let’s all celebrate – we have to go back to fighting the American-hating liberals tomorrow.

      • How is it an accident? The PARENTS created the problem. Not me.
        You cannot buy my sympathy with your willingness to accept hardship.
        I didnt ask them to come here. I didnt profit by their being here. I have NO, obligation to them.
        To make demands of me simply exposes the hollowness of the argument.
        BTW, I defended the country, in a war we LOST. Dont even try that one.

  6. Dream Act Failed…but we must be strong. People have to understand that problems don’t automatically go away. This act do not apply to all illegal immigrants. Only the children who did nothing wrong. So how is this Amnesty? We have to move forward instead of taking steps backwards. List me reasons why the Dream Act should not pass? And please do not tell me because its unlawful, illegal, etc. Yes, the undocs children are illegal, but is it because of their own doing? Do you punish the thief and his/her family? Can you honesty say its legal to cut off a child’s hand for his/her father being a thief?
    Dream Act does not give any special privilege to people. IT allows undoc kids to stand on the same playing field as the suppose American Kids. How can you discriminate between children who was raise in U.S at such a young age to kids who was born in U.S? I mean why is it so acceptable for U.S born compare to U.S raise?
    Hating others is easy. Understanding others is hard.

    • I can say that the provision that allowed the head of the DHS to waive all requirements in the name
      of the public good, was a dead giveaway. You see, ‘I’ DID read the bill. They could have easily
      written a REAL bill, and it would have passed easily. But they dont want a small number of 100k
      students. They want the power that numbers brings. You should be mad at Durbin.

      I suggest you write a real bill, that actually addresses the issue. Then find a sponsor.
      Dont allow politicians to use you. They WILL.

      • Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act of 2010 or DREAM Act of 2010 – (Sec. 6) Authorizes the Secretary of Homeland Security (DHS) to cancel the removal of, and adjust to conditional nonimmigrant status, an alien who: (1) entered the United States before his or her 16th birthday and has been present in the United States for at least five years immediately preceding enactment of this Act; (2) has been a person of good moral character since entering the United States; (3) is not inadmissible for reasons of health, criminality, security, public charge, smuggling, student visa abuse, citizenship ineligibility, polygamy, international child abduction, or unlawful voting; (4) is not deportable for reasons of smuggling, marriage fraud, criminality, security, public charge, or unlawful voting; (5) has not participated in the persecution of any person on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion; (6) has not been convicted of certain offenses under federal or state law; (7) has been admitted to an institution of higher education (IHE) or has earned a high school diploma or general education development certificate in the United States; (8) has never been under a final order of exclusion, deportation, or removal unless the alien has remained in the United States under color of law after such order’s issuance, or received the order before attaining the age of 16; and (9) was under age 30 on the date of enactment of this Act.

        Authorizes the Secretary to waive specified grounds of inadmissibility or deportability for humanitarian, family unity, or public interest purposes.

  7. Hopefully the deportation proceedings begin against you illegals soon.

    While you wait for them to begin, consider this:

    Why do you rail about how terrible the USA is, wave Mexican flags, promote the Spanish language everywhere, hate on the white cultural and ethnic majority, chant for Azltan supremacy – and then beg and cry not be sent back to Mexico, which you clearly think is superior to the US?


    Well, it’s a great day, and I *am* here to gloat. Goodbye, criminals.

    • Us hard-working Asian American and Pacific Islander immigrants are equally insulted by your idiocy; there’s plenty of us DREAMers here. We are you childrens’ tutors, teammates, girlfriends and boyfriends…and we’re sick of you bashing our Latino friends.

      Be happy while you can – because when we come back, you’ll be surprised. You’ll see white, black, Asian, and Latino DREAMers and eat some damn bitter crow right quick.

      • We are you childrens’ tutors

        , teammates, girlfriends and boyfriends…and we’re sick of you bashing our Latino friends.

      • Come back in what way? What exactly are you threatening?

        Lay it on us. We know you hate us, but I’d like to hear the details.

        Don’t worry, my smile is wide today no matter what you say, but the exact contours of your hate for Americans is worth learning. We see some of it when you wave Mexican flags and chant hatred to white people, but still, it never hurts to learn. Guess some of it came back on you, didn’t it – chickens coming home to roost, hahahahahahahaha!

      • wow. Ur the most ignorant person in the world today. I hope someday you will get some sense into ur idiotic mind. Ur being so protective of the white race? why don’t u join the KKK? jeez. what a loser!
        BTW this DREAM act is for all races, including whites. It’s to give hope to those undocumented kids who will still be part of this country regardless of the laws. Unfortunately because of ppl like you, this country we will go nowhere. If those lawmakers actually let those kids go to school and work, this country could thrive even more. How sad that the country of dreams and hopes actually bash down innocent children’s dreams.

    • I was so glad to hear the results, I celebrated all night. Finally, the politicians are realizing that Breaking and Entering IS A CRIME! Just dropped off a load of illegals across the border; good news criminals, the truck is full of diesel and the trailer is empty- climb in and get hauled back to where you came from; who’s next?

  8. You’ve got to be kidding me, all you haters.

    As a first generation Hispanic/American, I am appalled. While my parents are now United States citizens, they weren’t when they first came to America in the 1970s. However, they raised three law abiding, voting, and tax paying American citizens. One of my brothers even risked his life serving our country in Iraq as a Marine a few years back.

    I myself am a university student attending Belmont University, being financed by a prestigious scholarship from the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, working an outside job, voting, and paying taxes.

    All this and more would not be possible if it had not been for two ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

    • even if you or your parents have your rabies papers you will never understand what it is to be an AMERICAN You can thank what ever voodoo demon you worship that im not in charge of this countries security you would be put in a HARD labor camp to repay your crimes against all patriots that you have robbed and be deported with a burrito in your hand

    • Hi Lupe,

      If I was lonely, the millions of illegals infesting my metropolitan area would keep me company.

      Hopefully the deportations start soon… what a GREAT day! Goodbye, illegals!

    • Nah! You’ll never prevail! You just lost it and there is nothing you can do. Ha ha ha ha! An immigration bill that would blaze a trail to legal status for hundreds of thousands of undocumented students went down in flames in the Senate on Saturday, delivering a critical blow to Democrats and Hispanic activists. Oh well, that’s not my problem.

      The DREAM Act, which opponents have decried as a “nightmare,” is now likely to languish for years with Republicans taking back control of the House and picking up an additional handful of seats in the Senate next month. Oops, you can’t prevail 🙂 So long illegal immigrants and get the F**K out of here!

  9. When my first son was born three years ago, it became clear how different his life would be from the children of some of my clients: My son will not have everything handed to him on a platter, but he will have the opportunity to be judged on the content of his character, not mine. My son will have to work hard and make good decisions, but he will be rewarded for his hard work and his decisions. He will have the opportunity to go to college, if he chooses to, he will have the opportunity to serve our country in uniform, if he chooses to, and his education or service will not just be of benefit to him, but to his entire community and to our country.

    As a bilingual attorney, I looked at the beautiful, smart, energetic children of some of my clients, and I asked why should they not also be judged on the content of their character, be rewarded for their hard work and their decisions, and have the opportunity to go to college or to serve our country in uniform? What has my 3-year-old done to deserve such rights and opportunities? What has a 3-year-old of one of my clients done to deserve being denied them? Nothing.

    Regardless of what one thinks of current immigration policy at large, this group of young people is distinctive. Children brought to this nation by their parents are blameless for the choices their parents made for them. We cannot credibly claim that current law is punishing these children for anything that they themselves chose to do.

    To my knowledge, there is no other circumstance in America where children are forever punished by the law for infractions committed by their parents. So I want to ask people like Don or Senator Brownback and others who either opposed the Act or failed to support it: Do you really believe in the self-evident truths we were raised as Americans to believe? Do you believe that we’re all created equal, that our Creator gave us unalienable rights, that these include life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Do you believe in the Constitution and the Equal Protection Clause? Are you willing to forever punish other children for things their parents did, or just this group of people?

    • Well lawyer Paco they can go back to there own country and be smart and energetic also you are a terrorist against this country ……… there was a bus load of lawyers riding through the mountains and the bus went off a cliff the REALY sad part is that a seat was empty !!!

    • ” Are you willing to forever punish other children for things their parents did, or just this group of people?”

      So are you willing to punish the parents by deporting them and barring them from entering the country even through a family sponsored petition for — oh, let’s say — 20 years? I find this reasonable. If you are willing to concede this point, then we can talk and hammer out the other details.

  10. So sad to hear those negative comments about the dreamers. Why are some of you against these poor students that the only thing they are asking for is to let them be a part of this amazing country. Most of our grandparents or relatives came into this country undocumented, that’s why we were blessed by being born here. These students had to work 3 times harder than many of us just for not having a social security #. This is their country just as it is ours. They don’t know any other place, and are not guilty for their parents choices. The only difference between them and us, is just a piece of paper. The only ones that should get deported are the ones that have committed felonies. We should all get informed, this was not an amnesty, these students were required to go to a 2 year college paying out of state tuition or to the Army and still had to wait a period of about 15 years to get a permanent residency, plus they would’ve had to pay a great amount of money when applying for the dream act. This would’ve been a great contribution to the economy!. Please, we shouldn’t let the Hitler era come back to our country.

    • What negative comments? I have spoken respectfully and suggested a course of action that
      would actually work. Instead of allowing power hungry politicians, to pad a bill, to pander to
      some base…..write your own bill, that actually addresses the issue of the actual children.

      Do you realize who you allied yourself with? Illinois politicians? Do you even know where their
      power comes from? Do you know WHY, a man like Sessions is admired, and listened to?

      Instead of fighting a man like that, why not try and gain him as an ally?
      Your problems would be over before another year was out.

      But you will cater to Gutierrez who wants to be Prez. There is no doubt at all.
      And he will USE, every one of you. If he actually cared, he could have easily written a bill
      that would have passed.

      Hell I would love to go to college and get a degree also. Who would not?

      • I think alot of this supposely hatred aimed at people opposed to amnesty is confused with anger and frustration with our own government…I don’t hate illegal immigrants, I even have some Philippine friends who have overstayed their VISA…the one I personally know about is a Fiance’ VISA in which the marriage never took place, the boyfriend got her pregnant in the Philippines where she had the baby…he then brought only her to the states and left the child with the grandmother, after a couple months in the State, instead of getting married, he just abandon her to fend for herself…I know there are thousand of special cases out there like this…she is working directly with INS to establish paternity of the boyfriend, but is is a long drawn out process and he of course is not cooperating trying to avoid child support…this type of situation I will support, just sneaking across our borders uninvited, I will not and never will….

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  12. With millions of un-employed Americans, how can anyone justify amnesty for illegals? Too many have already taken over the job field and left citizens behind to struggle. Many have fallen through the cracks. Our homeless shelters are filled to capacity, tent cities are growing. Illegals only think of themselves and not the people they are replacing in the job market. They want to shove others aside and cut to the front of the line. This is neither fair nor right.

  13. Wow, I guess its over. Ok all you Dreamers, lets pack up and go home. Americans don’t want us here. I’m packing right now. I’ll pay my share of the gas money if someone will give me a ride back across the border.

    • Nah, you’ve already gotten enough from us Americans. Good bye and good riddance.

      Wait, you dropped this Mexican flag. And here’s some brochures from something called “La Raza”. Take this stuff with you, we sure don’t want it!!

  14. Dreamers, they don’t want us here. I don’t know what my parents were thinking coming over here illegally. These guys are right, we don’t belong. My parents were waiting for me to get the Dream Act passed so they could later become Americans too. Its not going to happen so we are all heading home. Just give up and let these Americans have their country.

  15. I am curious. Do you all realize that Obama could have easily gotten CIR, including the Dream Act
    right after he was elected? No one could have stopped him. HE is the one you should be mad at.
    He ignored your issue, because he knew, you had no where else to turn to. When he was done with
    his stupid health care bill, you would all still be there supporting him. He could AFFORD, to marginalize

    Doesnt that tell any of you, what the politicians really think about you?
    And you continue to allow them to do this to you.

    I would get mad. Mad at the person who said he would address the issue, and didnt do it.
    Mad at the person YOU elected AND gave a majority to in BOTH houses.
    And he simply ignored the issue.

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  17. It is naive to think that the above mentioned criteria is sufficient to define this legislation. Legislation cannot be created on a purely emotional basis. Long-term ramifications, such as chain migration, more illegal immigration, fraud and national security, have not been addressed. Until these and other intended or unintended consequences are identified and addressed, the DREAM ACT should not become law.

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