Weekend Round-Up

In case you missed the news, thanks to the work of awesome people like YOU, Jennifer from Kentucky, Bernardo from Ohio, and Fredd from North Carolina got to go home just in time for Thanksgiving. Strong work by NC DREAM Team, Kentucky DREAM Coalition, Georgia DREAMers, and shoot, props to our whole  network for making it happen.  Thanks for making those calls, everybody, and warm up your phones for next week.

The great state of Texas (no bias here) is escalating its activism in support of the DREAM Act. Dozens of hunger strikers have joined the original crew in San Antonio.  Be on the lookout for major action on Monday, as folks continue to urge Hutchison to listen to her conscience and support the DREAM Act.  Check out the folks in San Antonio here, Austin here, and I recommend following the follow Twitter accounts to stay tuned: @txdreamnow, @loren_campos and @himnp13.

Luis Perez, undocumented and unafraid, will be graduating from UCLA with a juris doctor and taking the bar exam in January. Congratulations, Luis... we’ll work on passing the DREAM Act, so you can actually use that degree.

Get on Twitter. You really should. After all, our Founding Fathers were all over that stuff (or would have been).

Stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “Weekend Round-Up

  1. Who should we contact beyond the folks in my great state of Texas and NY?I've got the names and phone numbers of all the wavering reps from NY state from the NYSYLC. Other than the Senators, though, I'm not sure who else to contact in TX and beyond. Not that I could, but I'd like to at least take care of my two states of residence, NY and TX.I'm sure this info is out there. Why not include it here? Or is there some strategic or practical reason not to? In any case, you guys are doing great work with limited energy and time, but I think this could help. It's very time consuming to do this research on your own, especially if you are just jumping into it now, and there's several of us out there ready and willing to put pressure on whoever we can.All Best, Or La

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