Meet Texas hunger strikers in Austin

This week, DREAMers and allies in Austin, Texas will join the community of San Antonio and start a Thanksgiving hunger strike and call on Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison to support the DREAM Act.

Media contact:

Karla Resendiz, 214 558 6721

Flavia de la Fuente 949 910 6362

To support:

Call 1 866 996 5161, ask to be connected to Senator Hutchison’s office, say, “Hi my name is ____ and I’m calling in support of the Texas hunger strikers. Please support the DREAM Act, legislation based on hard work, education, and service.”

Edilsa Lopez
University of Texas, Austin, international relations
would like to be an entrepeneur
Came to the United States from Guatemala when she was fourteen years old

Areli Zarate
University of Texas, Austin, major in Spanish
would like to get a masters degree in counseling and become a high school counselor
Came to the United States from Mexico when she was eight years old

Roberto Flotte
University of Texas, Austin, major in anthropology
would you like to work in public policy

Daniel Olvera
University of Texas, major in government and education
would like to be an attorney and fight for human rights
Came to the United States from Mexico when he was eleven years old

Daniel Arenas
University of Texas, studying international relations
would like to join the foreign service
Came to the United States from Mexico when he was three years old

Him Ranjit
University of Texas, studying government and biomedical engineering
would like to be an immigration attorney and debate Michelle Malkin
Came to the United States from Nepal when he was ten years old

Adrian Reyna

University of Texas, studying industrial chemistry

would like to be a scientist

Julieta Garibay
University of Texas, B.S. in nursing, Masters of Nursing at UT

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16 thoughts on “Meet Texas hunger strikers in Austin

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    • Honey, the van is empty, full of gas, and full of legal American Citizens ready to haul all you illegals back to where you came from

      • You think I’m kidding? All I hear are empty threats, because as of yet, none of you have the gall to actually do what you say you want to do, and show your face.

        You don’t even have the courage to post your real name. Yeah, you’re real brave, behind your computer screen, loser.

        So like I said…bring it on.

      • LMAO!!! Schrodinger's van is simultaneously full of SaintlyLegalLawAbidingHardWorking TaxPayingAmericanCitizens, and completely empty so you can fit as many “wetbacks” as possible for an illegal vigilante kidnapping/deportation (performed by said Law Abiding Americans).

      • Ha! Sounds like a zen koan/trick algebra question. How many legal American citizens does it take to kidnap/deport 12 million “illegals” or at least 40 hunger striking students in a single empty van, full only of gas? Sounds like somebody has to go back to school to learn their math or else take some Buddhism classes to really solve that one.

      • and i think someone has to go back to preschool to where they learn they manners! your rude racist devils!

  3. Your hunger strike has inspired me to haul my Bar-B-Que pit out there and cook a bunch of ribs right next to you. I'm bringing my dogs and my friends and we are going to eat and laugh at your ridiculous little protest. If your here illegally, I'm having you deported so I can watch them load you in the van; I'll be the guy over there laughing and sipping on an Ice Cold Shiner!

    • Honey who was here first? Pretty sure the border crossed us and the Europeans IMMIGRATED OVER HERE. God bless you have a great day 🙂

    • shut the fuck up and go to hell you racist mother fucker people like you should be taking out not hard working students who cant proceed their dream because we are consider less… this america!!! we are united! and together we come together and support the dream act!!!! i am a Dreamer!!

  4. Do you know if there's anyone organizing in Dallas? Or if there's anything going on at Hutchinson's office out here? Thanks for all the hard work!

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