DREAMActivist Voter Guide: Texas

This Texas voter guide was compiled by Jose Torres, one of the Capitol 21, ULI-er, and Texan DREAMer for life…


The current GOP TX Governor, Rick Perry, has consistently supported access to higher education for undocumented students. He has stated that an AZ SB1070 bill would not be right for TX. However, he is a hit with the Tea Party folks and is focused on enforcement policies facilitating the criminalization of our immigrant communities.

On Immigration
• Signed legislation allowing undocumented youth across TX access to Higher Education and state financial Aid
• Focus on Enforcement policies
• Applauded DPS policy to require proof of legal status to obtain Driver Licenses
• Vocally opposes Sanctuary Cities

• “Possession of a Texas driver’s licenses is a privilege, not a right”
• “I am open to ideas about how we can improve our guest worker program. I have concerns about a blanket amnesty for people who are here illegally because it usurps the rule of law”
• Death Penalty for Foreign Nationals: “If people do not want to be executed in the state of Texas, they should avoid committing murder within the confines of our borders.”

The former Mayor of Houston and current Democrat running for TX Governor, Bill White, has generally supported the immigrant community. Although, at one point, he was supporting the 287g agreements- but has since backed away from that.

On Immigration
• Has stated his support for the Federal DREAM Act.
• Strong emphasis on Border Security
• Does NOT support 287g programs

• On the DREAM Act: “Anyone who is residing here should have all the skills necessary and get an education, to make a living and be successful.”

Representative, 17th congressional district

Democrat Chet Edwards is the current Rep for the Waco and College Station area and has a mixed record of supporting the immigrant community. This is a very conservative district. Dream Act students have met with his staff that claims he is receptive to supporting the DREAM Act, however, he has not made any commitment.

On Immigration
• Is open to work to reform the immigration system
• Mixed record on supporting immigrant rights
• Has actively worked to increase the number of border patrol agents
• Supports building border walls at key point of the US-Mexico border

• “Protecting our nation’s security has always been and must always be our federal government’s first priority. Far more must be done to protect our borders from potential terrorists and to end the flood of illegal immigration, which puts a financial strain on our local schools, hospitals and communities.”

Bill Flores is running on an enforcement first stance in regards to immigration. In his world he is the one who will save America all from the comfort of the 17th district seat. How?-By hunting down, prosecuting, imprisoning and deporting immigrants he claims are criminals. No real plan on how to exactly differentiate between real criminals and hard working people trying to survive.

On Immigration
• Supports heavy enforcement
• Supports “sealing” the US-Mexico border
• Not likely supporter of the DREAM Act
• Not a supporter of Immigration Reform

• Wants “to ensure that terrorists, drug smugglers, human traffickers, and other criminals are hunted down, prosecuted, and imprisoned or deported”
• “Let’s figure out who you are, and if you’re here illegally, figure where you came from, why you’re here, what sort of public assistance you’re on, are you a criminal, whatever, and get those people out of the country as quickly as you can and then try to figure out what to do with the rest.”

Representative, 23rd district

Representative Ciro Rodriguez has generally supported immigrant rights and he is a current co-sponsor of the DREAM Act. He is a member of the Hispanic Congressional Caucus that was not exactly putting forth the needed leadership to push the DREAM Act forward. Rodriguez, however, is much more in tune with the realities of our immigrant communities than is his opponent.

On Immigration
• Co-Sponsor of the Federal DREAM Act
• Supports local law enforcement along the border
• Supported the anti- immigrant SAVE Act in 2007
• Supports increased funding for border security

• “Along the border we face a flood of drugs, weapons, and human smuggling in addition to coping with illegal immigration.”
• “Funding border security initiatives must be one of our nation’s top priorities”

Francisco “Quico” Canseco is the GOP candidate running to represent the San Antonio through the edge of El Paso area. Canseco is said to be relying on the Tea Party votes in order to get a win. He does not support immigrant rights and lacks the political courage to stand up for what he actually believes. This was seen first hand by DREAM Act supporters during the Latino National Republican Coalition event in which Canseco sympathized with undocumented students privately but refused to do so publicly.

On Immigration
• Constitutional Conservative
• Does not support immigrant rights
• Heavy focus on enforcement only policies
• Expressed sympathy for undocumented students but lacks political courage to support the Federal DREAM Act.

• “Our security is also threatened by illegal immigrant gangs, drug cartels, and human smugglers. We must make it a top priority to provide the funding, equipment, and personnel necessary to identify, apprehend, and incarcerate or deport these criminals”
• “Amnesty is simply NOT AN OPTION”

Representative, 25th district

Current Representative, Lloyd Doggett, is a co-sponsor of the DREAM Act. His position has been in tune with an incremental reform approach. He supports immigrant rights and has a voting record showing he is willing to stand up for our communities.

On Immigration
• Co-sponsor of the Federal DREAM Act
• Supports Immigration Reform
• Does NOT support building fence along the border
• Strong supporter of Immigrant Rights

• On the DREAM Act: “We’ve been trying to do this for countless sessions and the equities there are so strong that I hope finally we’ll see action on it this time.”

Donna Campbell has called her opponent, U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Austin, “the most liberal man in the United States Congress.”… ummm is that a bad thing? No! Especially when we take a look at Campbell’s extremist stance on immigration. She is to be a true favorite among domestic terrorists who terrorize our immigrant communities. Her rhetoric reeks of nativism and, plain and simple, un-American.

On Immigration
• Supports strict enforcement policies
• Supports E-Verify
• Supports heavy border enforcement
• Not likely supporter of Immigration Reform
• Not likely supporter of the Federal DREAM Act

• “We do not need any outside cultures forced on us to make us better! If any person does not like or agree with our political, religious or civic culture, they can find a country they do like and leave America alone!”

Others To Watch:

U.S. House:
Solomon Ortiz (D-27) Vs. Blake Farenthold (R)
Ruben Hinojosa (D-15) Vs. Eddie Zamora (R)

Lieutenant Governor:
Linda Chavez-Thompson (D)
Scott Jameson (L)
David Dewhurst (R)
Herb Gonzales (G)

Attorney General
Greg Abbott (R)
Barbara Ann Radnosfsky (D)
Jon Roland (L)

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One thought on “DREAMActivist Voter Guide: Texas

  1. I generally support most of your efforts, but am disappointed in dishonest reporting. Regarding Francisco “Quico” Canseco, he is fully in support immigrant rights. The problem arises with illegal or undocumented immigrates. I believe your efforts would be better supported by more folks if you kept the debate on the level.

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