DREAM Act Recap and What’s Next

Tuesday’s vote was basically a vote as to whether or not the Senate would take up discussion on the Department of Defense’s budget- the Defense Authorization Bill.

The plan was to attach amendments to that bill, including the DREAM Act.

It was a close shave, but the Senate decided not to take up discussion of the bill.  That means that we didn’t even get a chance to debate the merits of the DREAM Act- it wasn’t our vote.

Don’t let anybody tell you this was a defeat.  It wasn’t.

If you watched the floor speeches, you know that we learned a lot about different senators.  We took notes.  We heard them talk about procedure, about up and down votes, and a lot of them talked about wanting to discuss the merits of the DREAM Act, and only the DREAM Act, without a bundled package of reforms.

Fair enough.  They want to talk about the DREAM Act, and just the DREAM Act?  We’ll take it.  Over 70% of the country supports the DREAM Act.  Corporations like Microsoft and Pfizer support the DREAM Act, universities from Harvard to the University of California support the DREAM Act, communities of faith support the DREAM Act, shoot, even Ricky Martin supports the DREAM Act.

Let’s triple our efforts. More phone calls.  More actions.  We have set the goal of a stand-alone DREAM Act in Congress within the next two weeks.

The most important player? None other than Senator Harry Reid.  Call him and tell him what we want.  We want the DREAM Act.

Dial: 1-888-254-5087 and ask to speak with Senator Reid from Nevada:

“Hi I am calling to leave a message for Senator Reid.  Please stop playing politics with the DREAM Act. I am calling to ask that he immediately bring it up for a vote as a stand-alone bill. Thank you.”

Back to the trenches, folks.  Let’s go.

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8 thoughts on “DREAM Act Recap and What’s Next

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      • u are extremelly ignorant, the only people that have the right to be here is Native-American, last time I saw back in History, anglos came here ILLEGALLY killed all the natives, raped women, killed babies, children, moms, dads, sons, daughters, grandmas, grandpas, and all just for greedy white supremecy, capitalist bullshit, they didnt ask no one to come here, and forced there traditions, language, and deseases to natives and all these undocumented students want is an opportunity to education, (something that u clearly lack off) and last time I checked John Locke said, we as human beigns have the unalienable rights to the pursue of life, liberty and happiness, and education makes them happy, also this was adapted in our Declaration of Independance, so what type of so called American are u if u do not believe on the idealogy of what this country was violated and then refounded on…. u sound pretty ignorant to me, go study your history dumd ass, and if anything all this damn white folks need to go back where their ancestors came from cuz no native american gave them permission to come here they just came as they please and killed the real natives so they wouldnt say nothing.

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  4. If you would spend this much time and energy in trying to fix your own country instead of screwing up this one, you would be further ahead. Look, Americans are fed up with your little protests and just aren't going tolerate your illegal activity anymore. You nor your parents provide a service to this country that can't be done by Americans; that is the big wetback lie that your parents and crooked politicians try to tell you so that you fell better about breaking our laws. I am a tax paying American and I'm fed up with every one of you illegals. Ship yourselves back to where you came from so I don't have to spend my hard earned money to do it.

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