DREAM not onerous, nor intrinsic- it’s necessary.

This past week, upon news that the DREAM Act would be attached to the Defense Authorization bill next week, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) called the the DREAM Act an “extraneous” measure. McCain called the DREAM Act an “onerous” provision.

There is nothing onerous about people willing to live and die for this country.  There is nothing extraneous about the contributions they would make, in the workplace and in the armed forces.  We are confident Senators McConnell and McCain will recognize the critical investment that DREAM Act youth represent.

We ask Senators McConnell and McCain, was the first American sacrifice of the Iraq war, an immigrant from Guatemala, extraneous or onerous?
Attaching the DREAM Act to the Defense Authorization Bill is a natural step.  We have hundreds of immigrant youth who are ready to serve this country, whether in the workplace or as men and women in uniform.

This is a tremendous step for the DREAM Act. We are encouraged by the bipartisan leadership being shown in Congress. Now is the time for this country’s leaders to do what is right, and invest in America’s future.

The DREAM Act is about hard work, fairness, and sacrifice.  We are ready to work, to pay our dues, and to make important sacrifices for the future of our country.

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