What You Can Do, in One Easy Step.

It’s easy. Call.

Take Action on DREAM now

Senator Reid will be moving the DREAM Act to a vote via as an amendment to the Defense Authorization Bill.

What does this mean?

It means that the DREAM Act still needs 60 votes to pass.  We still need 60 senators to say yes when it comes time for the bill to be attached to the defense bill.

What can you do to help?

We need calls right now. We need to flood offices with calls in support of the DREAM Act.   Currently we are being beat by anti-immigrants  10 calls to 1.  That  means for every 1 call you make in support 10 people are calling against the DREAM Act.


Dial: 1-888-254-5087 if busy or not working call switchboard directly at 202-224-3121

Ask to speak with Sen. _____:

Ask for the following people and leave a message with their office.

Call-in Script for Republicans:

“Hi I am calling to ask that Senator _______ vote for the DREAM Act. This bill will allow for undocumented youth to fix their status by serving this country in the armed services in addition to allowing for them to return the investment our country has made in them. Please have the member support the dream act.”

Sen. Hatch of Utah
Sen. Bunning of Kentucky
Sen. Bennet of Utah
Sen. Gregg of New Hampshire
Sen. Bailey-Hutchison of Texas
Sen. McCain of Arizona
Sen. Voinovich of Ohio
Sen. Snowe of Maine
Sen. Brown of Massachusetts
Sen. Collins of Maine
Sen. LeMeiux of Florida
Sen. Brownback of Kansas

Call-in script for Democrats:

“Hi I am calling to ask that Senator _______ vote in favor of the DREAM Act. This bill will allow for thousands of undocumented youth to fix their status by getting a two year college degree or joining the military. This is an investment in our countries future. Support the DREAM Act.”

Sen. Hagan of North Carolina
Sen. Pryor of Arkansas
Sen. Landrieu of Louisiana
Sen. Conrad of North Dakota
Sen. Dorgan of North Dakota
Sen. Nelson of Florida
Sen. Baucus of Montana
Sen. Tester of Montana
Sen. Feinstein of California


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84 thoughts on “What You Can Do, in One Easy Step.

  1. Why is it that the call-in scripts for Republicans and Democrats are different? The call-in script for Republicans don't even mention college and I feel that “in addition to allowing for them to return the investment our country has made in them” is too vague. I guess I understand trying to emphasize the military aspect of the DREAM Act to those darn “war hawk” Republicans, but I don't think it's necessary. But then again, you guys probably know better.I personally like the call-in script for Democrats better… although, those who spend two years towards a bachelor's degree are also eligible for the DREAM Act along with those with a “two year college degree”. I feel that it's better to say, “This bill will allow for thousands of undocumented youth to legalize/fix their status by attending college or the military for two years.”Regardless, I've been calling with my own script. Here's to next week!!

    • nobody is holding a gun to your head here, feel free to tell them whatever you see fit (my personal guess is that the script is just a blueprint of the general idea of the conversation, republicans are more interested in military than college)

      • I did say, “Regardless, I've been calling with my own script.” and “I guess I understand trying to emphasize the military aspect of the DREAM Act to those darn 'war hawk' Republicans, but I don't think it's necessary.” I wasn't asking for permission to deviate from the script. I posted my previous comment because I've seen this call-in script posted at several different places and wondered if there was any specific reason as to why it were these particular scripts that were being promoted. I was critiquing them in the hopes that they might get edited around to something that I feel would be better (in terms of context and clarity) because a lot of people will be reading off of these call-in scripts rather than saying they made up.

      • They’ve probably got people calling in for several different issues: DADT, Defense, DREAM Act, etc. Even though you could write a good script that explains everything, they just need to hear who is for and who’s against. I once called in for another issue and the person who took my call cut me off just at whether i agreed or disagreed, didn’t need to give any arguments.
        I agree with you on questioning how the script is written, but i think as long as we’re calling in with a message that is concise, they will get the idea 🙂

    • Both arguments (that kids will be able to go to college and that they will repay the country) are valid. BUT you gotta think like a Republican who would be against the Dream Act. He/she would probably like it more if you told him that the Act would benefit him (repay the country), than if you just tell him some kid really wants to go to college, because lets face it, I would really like a new car but if you told the senator that he would be like, “And I should care because..?”

    • Sure! And thank YOU for fighting to ruin the lives of thousands of young people who want to be Americans by getting an education or serving in the military.

      • Er, they can ALREADY become citizens through military service. My great grandfather came here from Czechoslovakia, joined the Army, and served in the Spanish-American War. For his service, he was granted citizenship. That was in 1918, I am pretty sure the same rule applies today. If the wetbacks want to serve us for 2 years, then God and the American People Bless them! They are most welcome! If the want to sneak across our borders and sell drugs, then they need to be killed.

      • You can get citizenship by joining the military IF you are a legal resident. These undocumented students have NO way of becoming legal residents. This is what the DREAM Act is for. If undocumented immigrants could get residency by enlisting they would’ve done it already. For Christssake, you’re American and don’t know the difference between residency and citizenship?? Please at least learn the basic laws of the country before claiming that you deserve to be here more than any other immigrant.
        And secondly, most of the ‘wetbacks’ you’re talking about are out there picking vegs so your fat as$ can eat for cheap, not selling drugs. The people who are out there selling drugs are making bank. Do you really think they’re gonna be sneaking into the country by walking across the desert?

      • very few illegals work in the fields anymore. They get a foothold in the US and graduate to taking jobs in construction, hospitality, and other service work. A large majority have kids and live off the benefits that their anchor children get. Stop it with the overused “whaaaa they do jobs that Americans won’t do”. Maybe the rich Americans, but not the average working class poor American who is the majority anyway.

  2. Hey California's sen. Feinstein is already signed on with the Dream ACT. I called their office and looked dumb with my pitch because her rep. said she is already in favor…so please take that senator off your list. 🙂

    • We can still call her office thanking her for her support. Calling really doesn't hurt and I'm sure she's happy to hear that her constituents appreciate her stance.

  3. Brown vs. Board of Education happened the same year, too. I’m proud to be part of that America and I hope Education history can be made, again, this year with the DREAM act.

    P.S. Wetback is a racial slur and using it does make you a racist, I’m so proud of you (sarcasm).

  4. 1. Wrong. Laws that are valid this century do not allow illegal immigrants to join the military.
    2. So you agree people serving the military should have a path to legalization, which means you support the DREAM act, right? Or was logic not used in 1918 either?
    3. A racist that encourages genicide, surprise, surprise.
    4. You come from an immigrant family. I’m sure that your grandpa loved getting slurs shouted at him and not being able to live free just because of his ethnic background.
    5. I’ll be praying tonight, for America, for the DREAM act and for your wretched soul.

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    • You ignorant! you are a very selfish person, i bet that every immigrant works 10 times harder and better than you! are you too scared that immigrants end up more efficient than you and will take your job??then i hope they do. somehow they are gonna have to pass this law and your stupid comment in here wont count shit!!

    • Kill Yourself once and for all I wanna see you MR Anderson bust your ass off on a field working sun to sun geting paid less than minimum wage I’m white I was born here I have my papers you are still an IMMIGRANT whether you LIKE IT or no IMMIGRANT the fact that your skin is white and you are racist doesn’t make you less of an immigrant unless you are a native American and You are an ignorant you might want to read the bill before sitting on your racist white ass mr though guy if anything you should be happy for this law homeboy this bill is gonna MAKE US finish college push the economy forward not take anything from your white ass you love your country so much wouldn’t you just want educated people on it?

      • …and you are an example of an educated person “homeboy”? LOL College should not have to teach punctuation, and putting together a cohesive argument. Is this all you have learned after 12 years of us educating you?

      • wow you know you have no idea how poor some countries are ok?.. and damm we are all humans .. and you are just racist thats the problem

      • its called slang. People that aren’t deadly boring use it alot. Try it? Oh wait no…your brain dead.. 😦 sorry

    • your name indicates that you are from another country, maybe you are a citizen BUT your parents are not born in here . Im so sorry you have so much hate in your heart because that doesnt let you see that most of the illegal in this country the have done so much more than you. You are waisting your time in this racist thing and doing nothing for your country,grow up god loves you as every one in this world

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  7. Sorry you are wrong. There already is a plan for illegals to joins the military,serve honorably and receive citizenship upon honorable discharge.

  8. I think a little research before calling anyone would be helpful. The military has a policy to grant citizenship after serving honorably for x years. Have to check but believe it is 4 years. When the illegal joins the military to do this, the military knows he/she is illegal. This plan has been in effect for many years. So what is Reid doing ? Reducing the years to be served , or just plain stupid ?

  9. If they want to be Americans, do it the right way – come in the front door like several of my friends!!! Will be calling to voice my opposition to this “Dream” Act.

  10. I hope you are not as close minded as you make yourself sound. Why would you want to shut the door to success for so many people? Who are you to do that…? Also, would you like it if someone did that to you? Just in case you forgot, some of us didn't choose to be here we were young.But I am happy I am a part of this country…yes you heard right!…. part of this beautiful country I call home…our home. So before you deny us the chance, really think about what the consequences your actions have….really think about it!!! In addition this does not entirely go to you…This is for anyone oppossed to the DREAM ACT!!

    • Illegals have shut the door to success for many working Americans and their kids. How dare you think you are more important! You all can go to college or join the military in your own country. Our American kids that are not wealthy are limited to college in OUR country.

      • Illegals do take the jobs but you know why? because they do the jobs that people here don’t wanna do!! Go around and find out! inform yourself! Go outside and see who’s bulding your neighboors house!

      • First of all Julie, undocumented kids just want a life just like our own kids. They don’t have opportunities like going to college or joining the military in their own country because their country rarely serves that kind of opportunity! Its not their fault that there are some illegal immigrants that have been educated here all their lives wanting for a higher education for themselves are smarter than some of the american kids in today. while most (not all) American kids settle for less in their education therefore, they don’t receive scholarships for college and they need student loans for college. IT IS FAIR: People who WANT and are smart enough for college, go to college. People who have rich parents of course go to college. People who are undocumented that are supper smart and they want a HIGHER education aren’t at all allowed to go to college because of this. Now american kids just have to stop complaining and do better in school. why don’t the American kids try to get a job or go to college in the Philippines or in Mexico or in Africa? Because THEY AREN’T GONNA OFFER YOU A JOB EVEN IF YOU ARE SO DARN SMART AND YOU STILL GO TO COLLEGE. These countries are in the stage 2 of the demographic transition therefore unless we help these countries or unless we convince their government to be more stable or a MIRACLE happens, More developed countries like Australia and the U.S. are going to have to deal with illegals everywhere. These people have no where to go so please Julie stop hating don’t be racist and put yourself in their situation before you even begin typing or speaking about this topic. I get really annoyed when I see one of these “its not fair for americans” comment.

  11. “Under INA Section 328, persons who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces (including active duty, reserves, or national guard), can file for Naturalization based on their current or prior U.S. military service. The requirements for eligibility are that the applicant must have served honorably or have separated from the service under honorable conditions, have completed one year or more of military service, and be a legal permanent resident at the time of his or her examination by USCIS on the Form N-400, Application for Naturalization.”

    Translation: if you are a LEGAL U.S. Resident you can get your citizenship EARLIER if you serve in the military. But you CANNOT join the military if you are NOT a legal U.S. resident. Do you even know the difference between a legal resident and a citizen?? They're NOT the same. I don't know how I can make this ANY simpler. Maybe I'll draq you a picture later.

  12. If it were that easy then noone would risk their lives crossing the border. And the DREAM Act is for students so many of them like myself were brought at a very young age and couldn't make decisions like those. Please do research and think about what your'e going to say before posting ignorant comments.

  13. You can take Senator Brown off you list. He knows he'll never win re election if he supports amnesty for illegal aliens.

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  15. I am a military recruiter and let me tell you all that we are so over hired that we are turning away legal families with kids to feed for every little reason! Do not fall for this. We do not need millions more competing for the few positions available for the tax payer. These kids already received over one hundred thousand dollars of taxpayer funded K-12 education. When is enough not enough? This is nothing more than a political ploy to use immigration emotions for Reids re-election. And attaching this to the funding of military members fighting with their lives on the line is sickening.

  16. I know a lot of people criticize undocumented people because they come to this country to “take jobs away.”(which is not true in my opinion) But the youth that come here to study and take advantage of this need something to help them go to school here. Please people support this DREAM Act, is the only chance we have as a county to have the economy come back up. This undocumented students have come here since they were kids! they have been raced here in the US. Might as well be citizens. they didn't have a choice! Everybody has agency but this kids were brought by their parents. For a better life.
    And from ignorant people please grow up and learn more about the cultures. and your own culture! everybody was undocumented at some point! The only difference is the time! But they still come to work and get a better life!

    • Why not? Don’t you want your AMERICA to be full of educated people because you know that’s what this bill is gonna do Either make us join the army of go to college or what you are scared this ILLEGAL kids are gonna take over your job MR AMERICAN

      • If even half of the illegals in our country left, we would automatically have a more educated America. Money and resources used for ESL classes could be used for our American children. We would not have to spend money printing everything in Spanish, for those who refuse to assimilate and speak English. How would passing Dream Act make our country more educated? It would simply lead to more illegal aliens entering our country and making us educate their offspring.

      • oh my god i swear you dont have a heart , most of the kids came here without wanting to but only because parents nmade them , and they have live here all their life and alot of them only know english because they go to school here not where they were born

      • Undocumented means people who have come here from a different country and are here illegally. It does not mean Hispanic! ESL does not teach English to spanish speaking people. Do you think they don’t pay for taxes? They have to abide by all the US rules yet the laws are not the same for them! They don’t have the right to do anything because they are not citizens but they do have to pay like any other citizen! If you were to move to another country you wouldn’t speak the language! you would have to learn it like everybody else! So don’t say they don’t want to learn the language! Passing the DREAM Act would help this country and you know it you just don’t want to accept it! Plus the Act goes for young people who have been here since they were kids and that speak English! You are just being racist and ignorant!

  17. i don't think it''s fair because Many Americans cannot afford college or have taken out student loans. we should get the money this beaners are gonna get!!!! we are citizens off the USA they are just here talkin up space! why can't they else where! we need the money more then immigants! they need to go back where they came from we don't go to the mexican government and protest for rights! iam a freshman at Colombian University and i barly have the funds to go to college! so help american out don't pass this!

    • The DREAM Act only allows undocumented students to be eligible for work-study and student loans, no grants or public scholarships. As they are now, undocumented students are not allowed any form of assistance besides private scholarships. Please read the facts of the DREAM Act before decide to write all of this nonsense.

    • Beaners? dude not everyone is MEXICAN I'm illegal and I am not Mexican Taking up space? If anything anyone with an European background is illegal as far as my high school history teachers my middle school teach elementary school teachers the first on this land were NATIVE Americans idk if you ever read those chapters where the king was controlling and the colonies and all that and your ppl isolating the Native Americans and putting them in tribes well see they were here before YOU and CALIFORNIA Texas and if I'm not mistaken Arizona or parts belonged to Mexico so you were not here first and another thing the bill will not ALLOW us to receive ANY form of financial aid and it will not be a permanent residency only 6 years if you finish college get a higher education THEN you can apply MR UNIVERSITY and if you don;t have enough funds maybe your parents should of thought you how to work mr AMERICAN I got my papers then work for your school WHO'S HUSTLING THEIR GOVERNMENT NOW HUH? I'M SURE BEANERS ARE BECAUSE THEY WANT UNCLE SAM TO PAY THEIR SCHOOL BECAUSE I'M RUNNING LOW ON FINANCIAL AID 😦 WORKING TO PAY SCHOOL? ME???!?!?!?! NOOOOOOOOOO I'M AMERICAN I WAS FIRST PAY I WANT TO KEP MY COUNTRY FULL OF CITIZENS I CAN'T EVEN READ A BILL RIGHT BEFORE RUNNING MY MOUTH BEHIND A COMPUTER BUT YET I'M IN UNIVERSITY no wonder why OUR country YES Mr American OUR country doesn't succeed not because of the BEANERS but the ignorant people and RACISTS in our country! UNDER GOD? Buddy your ideals and the way WE (illegals) are being treated is sending your government STRAIGHT to HELL! Amen! So much for an ignorant beaner taking up space right?

      • This explains your lack of punctuation and coherent thought. You went to one of those schools who tell you that Europeans are the original illegals. Too bad your school system is being paid to promote hate of American citizens.

      • That’s not hate if we hated American citizens we wouldn’t be going through this right now isn’t that more than obvious.

    • You are right. If this is passed, they will be eligible for work study grants and more. Another chance to rip off working poor Americans and their children.

    • Yeah and I dont know how you got into COLUMBIA with that grammar.
      I’m glad you’re in college my dear because you need some serious education on tact and history.
      How exactly does a “beaner” going to college threaten your funds in any way? is this “beaner” going to sneak into you account and steal all your money?
      seriously, you bigot, think before you make accusations. And you probably also think “beaners” don’t pay taxes, well guess what, my parents lived here illegally for 11 years before they became residents and paid more taxes than most Americans probably did and got close to NO benefits for it.
      God, I hate bigotry…

  18. all this calling is gonna make the Senator irriatated and gonna end up saying no because you keep blowing up their phones and that won't make em vote more faster! stop blowing up thier phone! get a life and go back to mexico and i bet the senators are annoyed!!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ah



  20. Ugh I think EVERYONE who supports the Dream Act should STOP posting comments and start calling the senator's offices for this law to pass!! 😀 Support the DREAM!

  21. wow Readin all dis comment are halerious! wow! why dee hell do we need a stupid document dat yu were born here! dats fuken retarded when we go to heaven Jesus aint gonna ask for a document were yu were born! de govt. is so stupid! well all go to say ilove myself n it enough n i love myself and it enough n Ppl Dream to be me n if iwasnt RITCHIE, iwould wanna be! im sorry dat ppl are jealous of me bt icnt help it beint popular! lol

  22. Foo We ain't crap from you! Dumb ass if you had some brains in you and before talking smack you were to READ you'll see that all this law is doing is providing a SEMI-PERMANENT residency 6 years of keeping your record clean and finish college without getting ANY for of financial aid Dumb ass I'm an illegal student I'm going to college my dad works on a 6.75 an hour payment we don't even have a kitchen and I crying my but off like a Lil girl homie you got your papers you are American get a job and pay you school don't expect teh government to pay it all off for you lazy ass AMERICAN and what all immigrant go home I'm sure you'll be happy cleaning other ppls shit at night just like I did when I was 12 busting my butt off to buy clothes cuz my mother bought me none foo you don't know the store behind undocumented youth IGNORANT if I would of had a choice you really think I would want to be suffering to at least get an education have an okay life seeing everyone accomplish their dreams it ain't fair and if anything AMERICA needs less ignorant people like yourself so much for UNIVERSITY student you can't even read before making your smart ass comment dumb ass

  23. Why do people hate on the dream act? if anything is like the best law this country could of thought us I'm undocumented and shit out of all the bills this is like the best one. Why? Because is pushing everyone for a higher education to join the army do something with their lives and is only for 6 years you fuck up TE CHINGASTE that's good only those who really wanna get it straight make their dreams come true idk why anyone sees it as unfair for those born here we are not even getting financial aid shit we gotta work our asses off to pay college keep a clean record and maybe apply for permanent residency be happy or what you racist fucks want EVERYONE to be legalized without having some kind of education and some kind of probation? think about it? A whole mess of them or only those who really want an education are gonna be good citizens and help our economy move forward? seriously be a little more open minded not all illegals are gangsters killing each other or ignorant people who can't even speak English and just litter some us were brought here without even knowing we were committing a crime the fact we don't got our papers does not mean we are animals or freeloaders the dream act is not gonna give us any money for school we have to work for it There is a whole bunch of people who get money for the government and blow it off on drugs they live off welfare don't work those are the ones taking your money and they not Hispanic but they are CITIZENS think about? Seriously.

    • Are you a product of our educational system, and an example of the people who want the this Dream Act? Lord help us. Clean up your language, learn some grammar and punctuation and get to the back of the line and pull another ticket.

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  25. Honestly so many people in here are so immature that I don't comprehend how are they even in college. First not every illegal immigrant is Mexican there is Europeans, Asians, African, Spanish, etc I think we all were educated enough since we were little & know that by now. & Second you can just see by reading who is more of a person, has morals & of course is more educated. Enough said I support the Dream Act which I'm sure it will passed.

  26. This is crazy! why would any one blame someone for the lack of knowledge that our “American leaders” take and miss managed the money. This young men and women deserve the right to get an education as they have been her for many years and this is the only country they know of, as they have been brought here at such a young age.This is there country. This is the place in which they have grown up, been through the smiles and frowns just like every other American that lives in this place!

  27. ignorant people may call these young people “criminals” all they want and say this is a bad thing. but if you just sit for a minute and actually THINK for once you will realize that these people never had a choice whether to come to this country or not. They are bound to their parents, what mom and dad tell you to do, you HAVE to do specially if it is “daughter (son), we're packing up and going to America.” There are people who came here when they were just infants! They are just as American as any of these bigots. This bill would help get criminals out of the street and better educate the future of this country. It will help these students whom, after hs graduation, look around like “ok, what am I gonna do now…?” and may join a gang instead of going to college.THINK people.oh, and stop watching fox news.

  28. Why can't certain people just give this a chance? Like many here have said, it's not like most of us had the CHOICE of coming to the United States. You're 6 years old, and mommy is leaving to another country for reasons you don't understand, all you want to do at that time is be with her. I can't say I'm resentful towards my mother for making me come here with her, because I know that what she was truly aiming for was for me to get the best education I possibly could, and become a genuinely good human being. Something I most definitely would not be able to achieve if we stayed in our home country. She works and pays taxes like every American citizen, yet gets no benefits at all. As I grew up, I started to see and feel the burdens and living here without documents, and some days I just want to give up. I'm currently a high school senior, I've always worked hard throughout school, am taking 3 AP classes, have a GPA of 3.9, and am involved in many after school activities. Clearly, I'm not a criminal, though that's sadly the stereotype of young immigrants. All I want to do is go to college, after I graduate in June. It's the only thing I want. But America continuously says no to education. Wasn't it supposed to be the country of opportunities and freedom? You, the non-supporters, are who are making young immigrants become the criminals you're so afraid of. Go ignorant America!

  29. Lucy – illegals are building your neighbor’s house because the contractor can pay them less than a legal employee. Not only a lower wage, but no Social Security or Medicare taxes, no State taxes, no workers compensation insurance, no unemployment insurance – nothing but a flat cash hourly rate well below what a legal worker would earn. An illegal immigrant costs employers nearly 75% less than a legal worker. As for jobs people wont do…that’s BS. In the 70’s, at harvest time housewives, high schoolers and college kids picked the crops in Michigan for extra spending money, tuition, etc. Now in Michigan – you can’t get a job in McDonalds, let alone the fields at harvest time. Meanwhile, the LEGAL residents of Michigan are loosing their hard earned dream of college, (which their hard earned tax dollars subsidized), along with their houses and cars while illegal immigrants are out picking our fields, building houses, pouring cement, driving bulldozers, etc. Go to Michigan – ask one of the 500,000 plus people if there is a job they wouldn’t do right now to feed their family. Go to Florida and ask any one of the hundreds of people living in TENT CITIES if there was a job they wouldn’t have done if it meant their kids would sleep in their own bedroom instead of a tent. Go ask the formerly middle class people waiting in line at the local food pantry if there was any job they wouldn’t take if it meant they could feed their kids without having to beg food from charity. I dare you.

  30. Two comments, First your map of Immigrant Youth Activism doesn’t work on Seamonkey or Firefox browser well.   Also, I would like to help get some famous songwriters on board to compose an Anthem for the immigration movement.   I would need the Okay from your leaders to speak on your behalf.  I am looking at Santana, etc.

               Christine Brady   cbrady2@prodigy.net.mx  or cebrady2@cox.net

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