Obama: “I’ll do something about DREAM… AFTER the elections.”

Oh, hell no.

Obama made a trip to Texas, and spoke to the President of Tejano Democrats, Domingo García.  Al Día reports what he said:

“Hablamos con el presidente durante cuatro o cinco minutos el lunes que visitó Dallas… le preguntamos si habría reforma migratoria este año y me reiteró que no tiene los votos necesarios y que ningún republicano ha cambiado de opinión.

“Le pregunté si podía hacer algo más y dijo que iba a hacer algo a favor de los estudiantes del Dream Act después de las elecciones”, afirmó García, uno de cinco latinos que participaron en la cena de recaudación de fondos para el Partido Demócrata el lunes en Highland Park, donde Obama fue el orador principal.

This is America! Speak English!

“We spoke to the President for four or five minutes when he was in Dallas. We asked him if there would be immigration reform this year and he said that he doesn’t have the votes and that no Republicans have changed their minds.”

“I asked him if there was anything else he could do, and he said he’d do something about the DREAM Act, after the elections,” said García, one of five latinos who participated in a fundraiser for Democrats on Monday in Highland Park, where Obama was the keynote speaker.

Hey, remember this?

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10 thoughts on “Obama: “I’ll do something about DREAM… AFTER the elections.”

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    • Obama is full of crap and doesn't care about passing immgiration reform. Bush pushed for it far more than Obama did. For that I admire Bush.

      • I kinda figured that out when he said “Ill fix it in first 100 days” and for 14 months he went about giving healthcare to hillbillies.

      • Lemme add to that, maybe he is right and maybe doing something during the current teabagger shit storm is not the best idea, but if next year ill hear the same old shit, i will toss a shoe at him

  2. At least he PLANS on doing SOMETHING for us after the elections. You people need to give him more credit and stop posting such opinionated editorials that make us look impatient. SO WHAT if he's gonna do this after the elections? AT LEAST IT'S SOMETHING. Just step up the protests and the demonstrations to remind him.

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