A bunch of quacks: CIR’s Lame Duck Strategy is just Lame.

Prepare for puns.

As it becomes clearer and clearer that Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) has fantastically underperformed (like France or Italy at the World Cup.  Mostly Italy. But France too.), the non-profit-community-organization-industry quacks are dishing out their alternate strategies. Is something afoot? Or even awing?

Among them is the “lame duck strategy”, which would involve trying to pass the non-existent CIR bill after the midterm elections, during the month of November, and before December recess.  It’s called lame duck because…  it’s lame.  They don’t do anything.

Now, I’m no expert or anything on How A (ducky) Bill Becomes A Law (I believe there’s a highly complex Schoolhouse Rock production that can cover it), but something here is fowl.

Here to grace us with her presence and her legislative savvy is Kiran from New York.  Kiran, tell us more about this “lame duck strategy”:

The lame duck strategy is predicated on the belief that after the elections both moderate Democrats and moderate Republicans will be free to vote their consciences and will, therefore, be more likely to support CIR.

Kiran, why does the “lame duck” strategy drive you just ducky?

This seems like a doubtful strategy. I ask, who are those Senators that we think will change their vote in the lame duck session? I haven’t met any. And given that there is no CIR bill and little agreement on the content of said bill, will that potential increased support really be enough to accomplish anything? Flocking to the lame duck session because it is obvious to everyone that CIR is stuck in the mud right now is not a viable option for our communities.

Flocking indeed. Is there any hope at all for this?

Possibly the only thing that could turn the lame duck strategy from just plain lame to possibly possible is passing the Dream Act as a stand alone measure this summer. The Dream Act would be a huge win for our communities, allowing 1.5 million young people to come out of the shadows and fight for their futures. It would set the stage for a broader reform, allow legislators to vote their consciences, not merely because of political timing, but because of the positive standard for immigration reform set by passing the Dream Act.

Next steps?

Let’s make the lame duck strategy a little less lame and put our efforts into passing the Dream Act as a stand alone measure this summer.

Sounds like a real strategy to me!

Let’s review…

The DREAM Act, passing as soon as possible:Adorable and awesome!!

The CIR lame duck strategy:

LAME!!! (What is this picture, anyways? Who handles graphics on da.org? What is going on!?)

There is no lameness allowed.  Time to take action.  If you haven’t checked it out already, go to http://www.thedreamiscoming.com and take part in the D.C. action, whether or not you’re going to be in D.C.  It’s time to get our ducks in a row and pass the DREAM Act!

(Ducks. In a row.)

And finally… how about a chant? Just to get excited, because big things are poppin’ real soon. Big. Things…

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2 thoughts on “A bunch of quacks: CIR’s Lame Duck Strategy is just Lame.

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  2. I think they should pass Uniting American Families Act during the lame duck. If they don't theres zero chance of US citizens in a binational same sex relationship being able to live in the US together legally in the next few years. Oh and yes pass the Dream Act as well.

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