Meg Whitman wants to eat tacos with YOU!

A few months ago, we raised the red flag for California DREAMers in regards to gubernatorial candidates Steve Poizner and Meg Whitman, who competed spiritedly for the title of Best Immigrant-Hating Candidate.  Meg Whitman won the Republican nomination and is now facing off with Democratic nominee Jerry Brown.

But guess what?  After ripping on immigrants and declaring that in no way does she support amnesty, drivers’ licenses, sanctuary cities, or access to higher education for immigrants (I wonder how she’d vote on the California DREAM Act as governor…Hmmm…), she is ACTUALLY totally down with the Latino community.

It’s true!  She’s released Spanish-language ads, airing during World Cup games, because, you know, Latinos love soccer.  And will totally be paying attention to what the weird-looking blond lady says at halftime.

See the hypocrisy here for yourself, in a long-form advertisement with handy Spanish subtitles.

She KNOWS our needs, everyone!  She KNOWS how important Latinos are!  She wants this campaign to be one that Latinos can be proud to join. (From the beginning of the video.)

She’ll hold our cute brown babies, she’ll eat our tamales and tacos and empanadas, and enjoy our adorable Latin culture! (Minute 1:20)

She knows that today’s Latino students will become tomorrow’s doctors, teachers, businessmen, and engineers (this will magically happen even when she denies access to higher education to immigrant youth). (Minute 3:00)

Now (and by now I mean, after she’s won the Republican nomination against Steve Poizner) she is all about the fact that she’s the Republican candidate who opposes SB 1070, AND opposed measures like the infamous Proposition 187. See for yourself, here.

Well, we won’t forget what you said in your primary ad: “Illegal immigrants are just that: illegal.”

Gee Meg, thanks!  Since I was born yesterday, I am totally feeling your cool down-with-the-brown vibes.


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5 thoughts on “Meg Whitman wants to eat tacos with YOU!

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  2. her hypocrisy is disgusting, how I despise people like her. I will make sure to tell my RAZA to not vote for this dumb butt candidate.

  3. Whitman should oppose 1070. Undocumented people are pouring into her state in flight from the dangerous nonsense next door. I think that DREAM Act movement's best bet may be to identify, contact, and if necessary, very publicly and granularly scrutinize her campaign's financial vertebrae. Lobby the biggest ones hard enough, publicly enough, and she'll have little choice but to budge. I mean, the DREAM Act is a no brainer, but it is also an emblem — that is, DREAM'rs have virtually unassailable moral clout, but quantitatively, they are a very small group of people getting screwed in a time of 9.7% unemployment. Let's face it: supporting the DREAM Act probably doesn't score Whitman many points with Republican voters, and it won't score her enough points with other voters for her to risk the potential consequences from the anti-immigrant media circus of late. My opinion is that if you need to make clear to her sponsors that there are PR consequences that they will have to deal with every. single. day. from now until election day unless they make their dollars conditional on her cooperation with the DREAM Act. Step one is to figure out who funds her campaign, make a list, post it here.

  4. and I'm sucking my thumb Meg!…as Flavia said…we won't forget what you said: “Illegal immigrants are just that: illegal.”

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