RI4A and Ali Noorani Say Stand-alone DREAM Act is unacceptable

Honoring Mrs. Rosa Parks

Last week, Ali Noorani of the Reform Immigration for American campaign released this super-duper statement:

“Yes, we support the DREAM Act”, by Ali Noorani on June 10th

He said,

“We DO support the DREAM Act and this was made crystal clear to Senator Schumer.”

That’s cool, but are you down with the DREAM Act as a stand-alone bill? Which, in our minds, means getting it done as soon as possible so we can move on to AgJobs, UAFA, and legalizing our entire communities, step by step, after having set a standard for reform based on education, hard work, and fairness.   Pretty darn American.

Today, the following was posted on change.org, the stomping ground of a certain fabulously radical DREAM Activist:

“Why we must continue pushing for Comprehensive Immigration Reform”

Some quotes, please!

“We can negotiate with ourselves and entice our opponents to the table by proposing piecemeal options.”

“An effort to push anything short of a comprehensive overhaul of our broken system would both give our opponents a reprieve from working on a bi-partisan solution to one of our nation’s most pressing problems and give our allies the choice of checking off the “immigration” box on their to-do list without having fully addressed the issue.”

“Anything less than full legalization of the 11 million undocumented immigrants is unacceptable.”

Pop quiz: How do Ali Noorani and RI4A feel about passing the DREAM Act as a stand-alone bill?

Hint: It’s one word, it starts with a “u” and ends with “nacceptable”

Here’s what’s unacceptable: Desperate emails and calls from friends of DREAMers about to be deported, desperate emails and calls from parents who ask about the progress of the DREAM Act, because their children want to be doctors, teachers, and engineers, and desperate emails from DREAMers saying they are considering suicide if the DREAM Act doesn’t pass.

Not. Okay.

Irony, round I: It is a bad thing to “entice our opponents to the table by proposing piecemeal options”. Isn’t that the idea? To get bi-partisan support? Because according to the numbers, which we crunch daily, we need a bi-partisan solution to ensure that the civil rights of all Americans are recognized and respected. And right after that, you say that working on bi-partisan piecemeal legislation gives our opponents “a reprieve from working on a bi-partisan solution.” It’s only bi-partisan if it’s comprehensive?

Irony, round II: The Senate CIR proposal went as far as North Korea is going to get in the World Cup. Not a single Republican co-sponsor. Graham made like a tree and leafed. I mean left. How is CIR supposed to get anywhere at all?

What’s weirdest of all is apparently it’s not okay for people to get credit if they pass legislation. If our so-called “enemies” help us pass DREAM Act, or AgJobs, or UAFA, then yes, actually, they are fully within their rights to say they’ve been working on bi-partisan immigration solutions.

It’s not about opponents, or enemies. It’s about getting the work done. Our real enemy is time. The clock is ticking, and every day is another day of wasted talent. We are all waiting: parents, families, students, workers.

Oh yeah, and ONE more thing. Remember the civil rights movement? You know, black people getting their rights and stuff?

Well, DREAM is getting some serious shout-outs right now from the civil rights movement.  Maybe because they’re both driven by a grassroots movement of people who work and speak for themselves.

Consider this: In the infamous Letter from Birmingham Jail, Dr. Martin Luthor King Jr. describes the “white moderate” and not the Neo-Nazis as the greatest impediment to the civil rights movement. Like RI4A, the white moderate said, ‘I agree with you in the goal you see, but I can’t agree with your methods of direct action.” [He] paternalistically feels that he can set the timetable for another man’s freedom; who lives by the myth of time and who constantly advised the Negro to wait until a more convenient season.”

Stop setting our timetable. Stop telling us to wait. No. More.

Also, study up: the civil rights legislation was passed as PIECEMEAL reform. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 followed on the heels of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which President Lyndon Johnson also followed up with an Executive Order for affirmative action and then signed the Civil Rights Act of 1968 to prohibit housing discrimination. The rest is history in the making.

The longest journey begins with a single step. Start walking.

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7 thoughts on “RI4A and Ali Noorani Say Stand-alone DREAM Act is unacceptable

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  2. I agree the time is now, In my opinion we need to get out and persuade voters, why the voters, because we need to make sure that we can get the people in office who would favor the Dream Act. I truly believe we can achieve this. We need to set up or playing field and make sure we have the right pieces in before we go full force. Once again my opinion.

  3. Did y'all get the call for CIR bill now in the House text today?Major fail.The campaign has absolutely no idea how to organize to win CIR, knows the legislation has stalled and is now grasping for straws.

  4. Total Judas Kiss by the people who supposedly represent us, but are in reality using us as pawns and political props to get tears from the entire nation.

  5. Im wondering why dreamact should be the first step? I dont think dreamactivists represent a grass root movement… and comparing them with the Civil Rights Movement… Its too much. Also if CivilRights legislation passed as piecemeal does not mean it will work the same way with CIR. (Social Sciences for dummies?) Historical marchs have been organized by a grassroot immigrant movement. dreamactivist are just a small group in every march (in case they attended)Probably Im wrong but I smell betrayal (backstabbing) against the whole immigrant community or at least desperation and lack of serious strategy.As you said “We are ALL waiting: parents, families, students, workers”

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