Rep. Luis “Let’s Fail Together” Gutierrez on Immigration Reform

“This is the moment for him to act,” Mr. Gutierrez said. “And if we stumble, if somehow we fail, let’s fail together. Let’s fail fighting!” From the New York Times article, found here.

Are you for real? Let’s fail together? Let’s fail fighting?

Good luck, Representative Gutierrez, but we’re not interested in failing.  Perhaps you have the luxury of speculating as to what happens if nothing changes, but for us, it’s unthinkable.  We don’t have an answer to the question, “What happens if we fail?”  We don’t even ask the question. It’s not a question anymore.

Don’t bother trying to speak for us.

We’re the DREAM campaign- we fight to win.

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11 thoughts on “Rep. Luis “Let’s Fail Together” Gutierrez on Immigration Reform

  1. Gutierrez is a regular clown. From his stupid marker bill that went nowhere to his constant fake attacks on Obama in order to catch the favoritism of the angry Latino and still hold them to the Dem party. I wonder what happened to his leadership when the CHC bowed to Obama's appeals for a HRC that excluded undocumented immigrants w/o really getting anything in return. Then he goes and conducts this act of civil disobedience on May 1 to increase his profile in the Latino community, disrupting the messaging of the May 1 action in DC. Next, after throwing LGBT families under the bus, he wants them on his sinking CIRASAP Titanic. Yes, he wants us all to fail together, the gays included. And where was he on May 29? A no-show in Phoenix. Right. Move over.

    • This is a reply to the comments about Luis Guitterez. He is in D.C. and he knows that CIR isn't a priority for this year because it isn't being discussed in the hallways. Could he have been more careful with his word choice? YES. He is outspoken about immigration and my read on the situation isn't that he saying we will fail – the essence of what he saying is take action and more importantly that he will be pushing obama for immigration reform until the end. I haven't heard of any politician willing to get arrested for votes. It could be a new strategy who knows. All I know is that I will be pushing for the DREAM Act and there are beautiful things happening here in Arizona as well as around the country. Lets talk about that shall we 🙂 Lets talk about solutions. Lets talk about our strategy. Let's talk about things that will enhance the movement. Let's give each other encouragement. Let's talk about ways to get others on board to say in solidarity that the DREAM act will be the first step toward immigration reform. Let's get it passed this year!

    • Sorry but exclusion of immigrants from healthcare — please start pointing fingers all around including the same folks that you claim are pure gold on the DREAM Act.

  2. Objecting to Rep. Gutierrez calling on President Obama to join the fight and push for legalization and immigration reform, even if it is unsuccessful, is a good thing, in my humble but biased opinion (I'm the Congressman's press secretary). If the President doesn't engage and lean into immigration reform, the chances for legalization or anything else are reduced. It will not happen if the President remains on the sidelines, or more accurately, works against us. Do you not agree?

    As for this weekend, he couldn't do his trip to Arizona and be in DC for NBC's Meet The Press and he chose the show because it would have a bigger influence on a bigger audience. I doubt he was wrong on that one.

    The Congressman is in office only to continue the fight for immigration reform (the article accurately makes that pretty clear) and it is a very frustrating and difficult fight, as you know. If you think he is fighting the President, the CHC, the Democratic Party, the Republicans, and the restrictionist for himself, you do not understand him and are directing your shared frustration at an ally. He is neither an obstacle nor an enemy. Very, very respectfully, doug.

    • i do not think Gutierrez is an enemy and i very much respect that has been fighting for undocumented families, however, we need to reassess the political and social climate and be strategic for the way we change immigration laws.

      there are all these enforcement laws that keep passing and no legalization aspect. We need something this year don't you see that people are leaving? that people are killing themselves? that if something like what has been proposed in the senate passes our communities will not be better off but more restrained and observed?

      We need to switch tracks and we need Gutierrez to realize that we too are committed to legalization for all because we love our parents and our neighbors, but we disagree with his strategy.

      If DREAM passes we will not stop fighting, and WE WILL have a larger pool of youth who do not fear deportation on a daily basis, who can contribute more to society and be better prepared for the struggle to come and the struggle now. We've been trying to have this conversation with him but have not gotten a satisfactory answer. We cannot and will not fail.

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  4. Unfortunately the American public is not ready for CIR ASAP. The only hope is the DREAM Act. The DREAM should be approached as a first step on a comprehensive immigration reform process and will be very strategic if you really think about it.

    • …or an appeasement strategy that will only delay CIR for years, if you really think about it. A stumbling block rather than a building block…

  5. I see a lot of young people becoming desperate. Several, who are undocumented college graduates, have gone to Mexico to apply for a visa, which, of course is denied and a 10 year penalty is assessed. They knew that would happen. So they appeal for a waiver.
    One was denied (a mechanical engineer with a U.S. citizen wife and child) so now he is separated from his family. Many lawyers are working with him.
    Another has an interview next week at the U.S. consulate in Juarez (Could the U.S. pick a worse place?) Optimistically she has a 50-59 chance of being granted a waiver sinch she is also married to a U.S. citizen and has a nursing degree,.
    Both chose this risky route because they were impatient with waiting for the DREAM Act to rescue them. Win or lose, they wanted SOMETHING to happen. Since they are now in Mexico, they are now ineligible for the DREAM Act.

    As we see in the news, a number of our young people are now risking arrest and deportation with acts of civil disobedience, trying to raise awareness for the quick passage of the DREAM Act..

    Many DREAMers are "outing themselves", almost daring the U.S. government to take some action, even if would be personally disastrous.

    Most of us hope, pray, write, lobby, and try to remain patient, but patience is wearing thin. Young people have always been the catalyst for social movements and I think we are nearing the point when something or someone will create the environment for Congress to react.

    It is time for the DREAM Act.

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