Immigrant Fashion Week, courtesy of Rep. Bilbray

Hey fabulous people, you know what time of year it is! The stars are aligned, the red carpet has been rolled out, models are doing…something… in the bathroom- I mean, doing their makeup in the dressing rooms… it’s FASHION WEEK!

But this is a very different Fashion Week. It’s Immigrant Fashion Week, the hot new trend that’s sweeping the nation. You are what you wear; vibrant personalities aren’t afraid of color, classicists wear clean lines and muted tones, and Los Angeles hipsters wear whatever Sienna Miller tells them to wear. But what if you want your look to say, “immigrant”?

According to noted fashion photographer- er, Representative Bilbray, law enforcement can identify immigrants based on dress, shoes, and behavior: “They will look at the kind of dress you wear, there’s different type of attire, there’s different type of…right down to the shoes, right down to the clothes. But mostly by behavior…”

Normally I would agree- fashion is all about behavior (you gotta WEAR those knee-high boots, girl). But let’s zero in on the clothing, the shoes- are accessories included in this? I conducted a series of highly professional interviews to come to the heart of this matter.

Daniel: Ehmm… I might be the wrong person to ask since I’m always in front of my computers in shorts. I dunno, I have some shirts from … ehhmn forgot the brand. Uhh… Express shirts! (when dressing well) But don’t have many, barely wear them, its just for, like, special occasions.

Juan: I have a skater boy well dressed look. Vans. Shorts. Tees. On business days longs sleeves, ties, and khakis or a suit, just to look nice for staff and professors.

Lizbeth: I’m mostly a jeans and a t-shirt girl. I like DKNY, American Eagle Outfitters, Nine West for shoes… ugh. Can’t think right now. Sorry, multitasking.

Cris: Salvation Army.

Yahaira: Old Navy, American Eagle, American Apparel, Victoria’s Secret…umm…Dooney and Burke (don’t tell Peta), Adidas.

Prerna: Banana Republic, avoid Abercrombie and Fitch even though they do carry my style, sometimes do GAP Kids. I have to actually shop in the children’s section of some stores to get the best fit. And yes, some of my clothes do come from The Children’s Place.

So we’re looking for Express shirts, long sleeve shirts, ties, khakis, and suits for nice occasions, Vans, shorts, T-shirts, jeans, DKNY, American Eagle, Nine West, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Gap Kids, The Children’s Place, American Eagle, American Apparel, Victoria’s Secret, Dooney and Burke, Adidas, and the Salvation Army for every day wear.

Right.  A poor excuse for racial profiling and Arizona’s forthcoming police state.  Nobody’s buying this brand of idiocy- it’s so NOT vogue, like pre-civil rights era OVER.

Representative Bilbray: Help us out- what do racists wear?


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