Starving for our Dreams

For immediate release

April 8, 2010

Contact: Will Suarez, LUNA President, 913-707-0815

Students will Starve for Their Dreams

Overland Park, KS — Students from Johnson County Community College, the University of Kansas, and Rockhurst University will fast and rally outside Congressman Dennis Moore’s office for the DREAM Act. Believing that education is a human right, students will fast on Thursday, April 8th asking Congressman Moore to feed them his co-sponsorship for the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act. People from the community will rally outside Congressman Moore’s office in Overland Park, KS, today, April 8th from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. asking him to show his support for this legislation which will allow many immigrant students to realize their dreams.

There are over 1.2 million undocumented immigrant youth who were brought to the United States as infants and young children. Because their immigration status is derived from that of their parents, they are left “without papers,” and therefore cannot vote, drive or work and are forced to live in the shadows in constant fear of deportation. The DREAM Act, would address the plight undocumented students find themselves in.

The DREAM Act would grant conditional residency to undocumented students who were brought to the United States before the age of sixteen, demonstrate good moral character and graduate from high school. Students obtain permanent residency after completing at least two year of study at a community college or university and/or two years of military service. The DREAM Act is the only hope for these students who want nothing more than to give back to the country they love.

“I will not tolerate seeing my friends who are outstanding students and who only wish to contribute to this society, not being able to fulfill their dreams due to a broken immigration system. I will fast as a symbolic gesture to grant students freedom from fear and a chance to the ‘American’ dream which is what the DREAM would do,” says Will Suarez, President of the JCCC Latinos United Now and Always (LUNA) club and one of the coordinators of this rally.

During this rally, students will share stories of how undocumented students are being affected by the broken immigration system. They will also explain why it is urgent to pass the DREAM Act and why it is imperative that Congressman Moore supports this bipartisan legislation. Members of the KS/MO DREAM Alliance, an organization that advocates for higher education for all students, will be on hand to answer any questions for the press during the rally.

To contact students participating in this rally, educators or for more information please contact:

Will Suarez ( 913-707-0815 (c)

The KS/MO DREAM Alliance is part of  the United We Dream Network (UWD), a national youth led network devoted to achieving equal access to higher education for all people, regardless of immigration status. KSMODA and UWD are dedicated to the passage of the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act, a bipartisan legislation that would permit a select group of undocumented students, conditional legal status and eventual citizenship in the U.S. For more information on the DREAM Act, please visit


7 thoughts on “Starving for our Dreams

  1. Thank you for your courage and determination. You are an inspiration to us. I truly hope this act passes so I can finally fulfill my dreams and finish my education. I will have you in my prayers

  2. Maybe I should just learn to deal with it. I shouldn't committ suicide. Must be a stupid thing to do. Im sorry I said that cause I was just upset.

  3. Keep the faith, we are getting close to passing the DREAM Act. And remember, if you get detained don't sign anything and reach out to your thousands of friends across the nation that will stand up for you.

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