DREAMActivist Reader

Before anything, make sure you’ve signed the petition to stop Julio’s deportation. Pass it on.

This Hey Jude flowchart looks a lot like the DREAM Act backwards plan.

If the DREAM Act passes? “It would set me free,” says Juan in Milwaukee.

They want to take our country back… to something that just isn’t there.

Are Republicans taking the anti-immigrant bait in California? Maybe not, per the LA Times.

Is it a man trapped in the body of a goat?

Open borders for Haitians?

Napolitano talks DREAM at Arizona State University.

Six word stories. Pass DREAM Act.

And finally, watch Graham and Schumer talk about their proposal for immigration reform. Here’s the Sparknotes version:

Schumer: “15,000 people cross our border illegally everyday, most of them take jobs from Americans.” Oh, great.  Don’t debunk myths about immigration or anything.  That might help our case. “Yet at the same time there are certain people we need in this economy to help us grow, and we can’t get them: engineers, doctors, farm workers.” … engineers? Doctors? we have them.  They’re just not allowed to work.  Pass the DREAM Act…


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