High alert for California DREAMers

California DREAMers, be aware…

GOP candidates for governor of California, and current frontrunners respectively, Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner have both indicated that denying undocumented immigrants access to higher education would be a governing priority.

Whitman’s campaign website indicates that she would,

“Ban the Admission of Undocumented Students to UC, CSU, and California Community Colleges: As governor, Meg will support policies that will not allow undocumented immigrants admission to state-funded institutions of higher education, such as UC, CSU, and community colleges.”

Poizner’s campaign website indicates that he prioritizes,

“Ending In-State Tuition for Illegal Immigrants at California’s Public Colleges and Universities. California’s Higher Education system is the state’s crown jewel and the standard by which other public school systems are measured. Illegal immigrants should not be given a taxpayer-funded subsidy in the form of in-state tuition at our public universities and colleges. This practice must end and, as governor, Steve will make sure that it does.”

However, consider that Whitman is leading Poizner by a 50 point lead. Poizner has embraced an attack strategy that is centered on blaming the state’s budget crises on undocumented immigration, and has focused three of his campaign commercials on the issue. Perhaps it is his approach to undocumented immigration that is driving people away from his campaign, including California conservatives.

Furthermore, if things were to turn around for Poizner, could he rewrite his public image towards the political center and ask Latino voters and first generation Americans for a second chance in the fall contest? Doubtful.


6 thoughts on “High alert for California DREAMers

  1. wow… first they take away public schools by passing the idiotic charter school bill that privatizes public high school and now they want to take away AB540! hell no… not in this lifetime… If we cant vote we must convince our neighbors to vote against this. I already helped my grandma become a US citizen and now I can vote thru her hehe… Poizner is a poison to AB540 and the Dream Act!

  2. WITHOUT "Ilegal immigrants" WHO IS GOING TO GO PLUCK THE FIELDS????? WHO IS GOING TO be bent over for 8 hours under the hot sun for minimum wage? tell me that???

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