DREAMActivist Reader

A judge declares unconstitutional the banning of undocumented immigrants from renting in a city- for the second time.

Latinos, Obama, immigration, and keeping promises.

The Root on why black and brown will NOT be divided on immigration issues.

Californians on high alert: GOP candidate for governor Meg Whitman is definitely not down.

More Latinos going to college… how many are DREAMers?

Papa Durbin on the DREAM Act: “And if I never do another thing in the rest of my Senatorial career, I’m going to pass that Dream Act.”

Spanish speakers: DreamActivist editor Flavia (that’s me) does a two-minute report for Univision on the March for America on Sunday, featuring out and proud DREAMer and DREAMActivist team member Andrea, Conrado from Student Immigrant Movement, the Virginia contingent, lots of other people from SIM, and Yahaira from Missouri.  Challenge: spot awkward Matias walking in front of the camera during an interview.

One DREAMer anthem is Langston Hughes’ “The Dream Deferred”, but try on his other classic, “Go Slow” for size.

Happy Thursday, DREAMers!


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