DREAMActivist Reader

Senators Schumer and Graham, on “The Right way to Mend Immigration.”  In three pages?! Dang, you guys are good.

A breakdown of the Schumer-Graham proposal, in The American Prospect.

The Schumer-Graham proposal is not so good on the civil liberties thing.  Or the due process thing.  Or the whole “dignity” thing.  From the Culture Kitchen.

From The Nation, “…What’s important is what happens the day after an action…when immigrants and advocates return home from what will hopefully be a large and successful march, the real work begins.”

La Frontera Times, on the Schumer-Graham proposal.

From Jeffrey Kaye, on the Huffington Post: “…as long as the legislative stalemate over comprehensive immigration reform continues, a humane legalization program, such as the one that President Reagan signed in 1986, is impossible…”

Senators Kerry and Lugar introduce the Start-Up Visa, which creates a two-year visa for immigrant entrepreneurs who can raise a minimum of 250K in venture capital.  If, after two years, more than 5 jobs have been created and more than $1 million are collected in investment or revenue, he/she can obtain a green card.

The Battle for the U-Visa in New York City.

Thousands of Iraqis find refuge in Texas.

A DREAMer speaks on student issues in the second half of this Washington Post article: “I know so many great, great, great kids that have amazing GPAs, that are incredible leaders of their communities, and they have no option.”

The LA Times: “…scrap the border fence…”


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