Interview with an Irishman

Meet Kennan Cronen, UCLA undergrad and Irishman extraordinaire.  In honor of St. Patrick’s Day on Wednesday, and the history of Irish immigration to the United States, DreamActivist conducted this very professional interview.  Enjoy.

DA: Hey! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

KC: It’s not Saint Patrick’s Day yet, but thanks.

DA: So, how Irish are you, anyways?

KC: I’m about 500 freckles Irish.  Also, my great grandfather immigrated to the United States due to the potato famine.

DA: Cool. Are you proud of your immigrant heritage?

KC: Yes, very much so.

DA: Do you feel more Irish or American?

KC: I feel more American than I do Irish.  My tolerance is nowhere near full-blooded Irish levels.

DA: What does the phrase “a nation of immigrants” mean to you?

KC: This phrase describes this country, and is the reason for its greatness. The most motivated people from around the world have striven and continue to strive for American citizenship and the opportunities such a luxury brings.

DA: The first Saint Patrick’s Day parade was in Boston, involving Irish immigrant workers who marched to make a political statement about how they were not happy with their low social status and their inability to obtain jobs in the United States.  Would you have supported them?

KC: No, racial discrimination has never been a problem in America, and these Irish were obviously just lazy, drunk, and trying to steal from the government.

DA: On March 21st, immigrant workers and students will march in Washington D.C. to make a political statement about how they are not happy with their low social status and their inability to obtain jobs in America.  Will you be supporting them?

KC: Yes, I will be.  We need to unite and fight for equality.

DA: You know about the DREAM Act, right?

KC: Yes, I do.

DA: Are you down with the DREAM Act?  How down?

KC: Very down, this is just common sense.  Undocumented young people need a path to citizenship, all they have ever done is to work hard and achieve, despite the legal glass ceiling.

DA: Last question.  If there really is a luck of the Irish, shouldn’t Irish people abstain from participating in the lottery?

KC: Irish people don’t need the lottery, there is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow for us.

There you have it.  The official endorsement of an official Irishman.  And if that isn’t enough for you, visit Irish Central online, and check out this article by the founder of the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform.


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